1. Hi guys , I am Bear and I am new in the forum !
    I like the game of Murder Mystery a lot and I got some skills to share !
    Firstly , I think that one of the best skill of murderer is try to get close to the players , try to stay close from them and secretly use the sword to hit them ! This provides a surprise attack and you may get many kills at a moment.
    Secondly , I think that the skill of innocent is try to stay in a hidden place or hard to see place at the start of the game , if the murderer found out most players , start to run around and get the bow or stay with the detective.

    Thats what I think , about detective , I don't have much experience doing it ! If you like this post , comment to discuss more about the skills ! Also we can discuss about the skill of detective!
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  2. Redy

    Redy Well-Known Member

    There's no attachment at the end. It just says 'View attachment 571229'
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  3. YasmineMC

    YasmineMC Well-Known Member

    Hey, nice! I agree with those.
    Another one is to just go berserk as murderer, or point out whoever is holding a bow and instant kill them and guard the bow the whole time. An innocent strat is to run around collecting gold and then go hiding.
  4. As the murderer, I try to lay low until I know who the detective is, then I just whip out my sword and indiscreetly try to kill everyone quickly.
    As an innocent, I stick around a couple people I know are innocent as well, so if the murderer comes I can sacrifice them first and run away.:rolleyes:
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  5. Hey if we all like MurdererM. , why not ask Bedwars people to add it to murderer mystery instead of BW? It is going to be a game anyway, BW is
  6. Thanks for remaining ^_^
  7. Taranza

    Taranza Well-Known Member

    Given that all the Murderer has to do is right click to win

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