1. Yes absoulutely

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  2. somewhat with changes

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  3. No not at all

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  1. So as we all know janitors in ranked are a big problem and sometimes lead us to not want to play the game. Therefor i believe that I have come up with a simple solution. Your rating should be based on your amount of kills. Not whether or not you win or lose the game due to those pesky janitors. For instance, if you get 1 kill you'd get around 10 rating, (at the beginning of the season of course :) 2 kills-15 rating, and 3 kills-20-25 rating. Using the same system they already have implemented, the higher/more rating you get, the less rating you will receive with your amount of kills. So post your feedback down below (try to keep it somewhat positive and effective) and have a great day ya'll. :D
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  2. Janitors are not a problem. You can just run away, fight like a man or be a janitor yourself. I don't think it's ever going to be so that you get rating for kills. The win must be the objective.
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  3. umm excuse me? are you living under a rock or something??? not to be rude but, go look at just about every other ranked skywars thread, then come back and tell me your opinion.
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  4. Janitor is just a tactic in Ranked (and other gamemodes too), but it happens to be the one what gets the most wins. You can always janitor yourself, other people can say what they want.
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  5. sure its a tactic but its unfair and everyone hates it now stop trying to act like this is your first ranked skywars thread buddy
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  6. In Ranked you don't need to care about other peoples opinions, you just need to win. And for that reason janitoring is the best option. You can have your own opinion, this is mine. Thanks.
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  7. im not saying i need to care about others opinions just to win ranked +janitoring is dumb whether or not you win which is ym opinion and if u like to win by playing unfairly, then well all i can say to that is i am disappointed
  8. You try running away on a smallish map with a lot of obstacles in the way.
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  9. yeah ik btw i just played with you hiii in ranked
  10. Kam7

    Kam7 Well-Known Member

    original af
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  11. ?
  12. CuteDuck

    CuteDuck Well-Known Member

    grip GRIP
    Its part of the game m8... if you dont like it then dont play it
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  13. It's simple. Ranked skywars is a game to test your ability to win. Win by outsmarting your opponent; would you let your enemy regenerate to full health before killing them? No, you wouldn't. You would kill them and win the game, therefore playing smart.

    Use your brain, not your brawn.
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  14. Everyone has janitored, even u ;P
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  15. Kam7

    Kam7 Well-Known Member

    Every week there are at least 5 ppl coming on forum with this "solutioun"
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  16. Oh nice.
  17. Brookiie

    Brookiie Well-Known Member

    I don't even play ranked but here are some things to help counter a janitor:

    -Spam at them with projectiles
    -Bow spam them
    -Run away putting blocks under you
    -Put lava/water down
    -Try to combo them
    -Hide somewhere til you regen
  18. Vinkal

    Vinkal Member

    face it bud, to win in ranked, you gotta become a janitor
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  19. Kills are good, yes, however with enough games played even the worst players can be ranked the best. If it were me, and I didn't want winning to be the stat, I would choose average kills per game.
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  20. Grecko

    Grecko Active Member

    Run back to where you came from
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