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    • Hello everyone! Firstly, I know Dragon Wars is a dead game. But these changes are necessary for the game to actually be enjoyable.
    Give the players the ability to dismount the dragon at any moment. Sometimes you end up losing a lot of time if you get on your dragon because the fireballs are really hard to aim. And it takes quite a bit for you to dismount the dragon eventually. Also, I has happened to me that I accidentally mount my dragon when I don’t want to.

    Make riding the dragon actually worth it. As of now there’s no reason to mount your dragon. You eventually just end up losing your time trying to somehow aim fireballs at players that are hundreds of blocks away. In most of the games I never even mount the dragon because it’s easier to get kills on the ground. It would be nice if you didn’t have to spin around in a circle and you could decide the direction in which you fly. Of course with a height limit, you shouldn’t be able to touch the ground or any of its edifications. This way you can fight against other dragons in the sky. How awesome would that be!
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