1. I just thought of a idea that probably won't happen but please don't hate comment, what if @Hypixel make a rank for Christmas! called the [CHRISTMAS] rank and you get same perms as your main rank, but it labelled [CHRISTMAS] for the members, [SANTA] for Staff and [REINDEER] for YouTubers.

    Obliviously, change the colours but it's just clear-able.

    Thanks, Josh.
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  2. They did the similar thing on April Fool's Day. Your idea is good but I think it should apply on the Christmas Day, not the whole December.
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  3. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    What about other staff ranks tho.
  4. [MOJANG] can be [ELF], and @Technoblade can be [SNOW]
  5. I think it is not necessary to make a Mojang specific rank for them (I mean Christmas), you can use the [REINDEER] to represent them as their base rank is YT.
  6. This sounds awesome! (but what about people who don't celebrate xmas and celebrate other things, i mean i celebrate xmas but some people don't and they may feel excluded ya know)
  7. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    Mods and Admins, tho..
  8. they classed as staff.
  9. idk, it just a idea.
  10. Jakob983

    Jakob983 Member

    I think this is a cool idea, just very illogicial.

    Happy Holidays!
  11. Hello.
    This sounds cool.But it like 1st April joke,but with another prefixes.
  12. Interesting Idea however, I think it should only apply on Christmas.
  13. Well, that's the day i'm sleeping from my flight on Christmas Eve.
  14. yeah but it's pretty important for people to know the difference between helper and admin
  15. Hxrt

    Hxrt Active Member

    I don’t think it should be only on Christmas as some of these replies suggests. I think from the 20th would be nice as some people might be busy that day and doesn’t have the time to play during this time not to mention the differences of when the Xmas day is around the world!
  16. I think it should be Christmas Eve to boxing day. Also what do you mean different Christmas days around the world?
  17. Hxrt

    Hxrt Active Member

    Some celebrate 24th 25th maybe 26th but I’m not sure.
  18. I've always wanted to be an elf.
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  19. Well
    Giving examples, like have christmas ranks
  20. Hxrt

    Hxrt Active Member

    Heres an idea to your idea; you go to main lobby and hit some NPC and you get rewarded this Christmas rank along with a # for example Christmas #1 #2 etc however Elf would be more suiting.

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