1. Currently I have about 475 000 VND (₫) usable in my debit card, which converts to 20 $ (a lot to me, seriously). Assuming the upcoming Easter sale puts a 30% sale on ranks, the price of my upgrade to MVP will be 10,5 $ (244k ₫), plus processing and conversion fees to a total of 10,7205 $ (249k ₫).

    Is it advisable that I spend that to upgrade or save it for something else?
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    MVP is a horrible rank and you should not buy it. You should get MVP+ it has better perks for only a slight increase in price. You need to ask yourself if you really need a rank upgrade or do you WANT a rank upgrade. If the money you have saved up is as precious as you say then I would advise against buying a rank.

    At the end of the day, it's your decision. I think that upgrading would not be beneficial. Waiting until the Easter Sale would also be good because it'll allow you to see what sort of discount is on offer, it might be greater than 30% so you might be able to an upgrade and still have money spare.
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  3. I think you can upgrade directly to MVP +, because the actual use of MVP is not outstanding.
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  4. The only real difference between VIP+ and MVP are a couple of gadgets and an extra mystery box. So MVP is a waste and you should just get MVP+
  5. As said above. I personally made the mistake of buying Mvp instead of upgrading straight to Mvp+ .

    I would HIGHLY recommend you upgrade to mvp+ like everyone above is saying.
  6. So VIP+ to MVP+ directly is cheaper than to MVP then MVP+?
  7. The upgrade from Vip+ to Mvp+ is just barely $35

    The upgrade from Mvp to mvp+ is $15

    Unfortunately its not :( But like touched on above, Mvp only has a few extra cosmetics in comparison to vip+ which makes it not the best decision to upgrade for an upgrade.

    So hopefully when the Easter sale happens, you are able to get a deal in your price range to upgrade straight to mvp+.

    But if you want to look for yourself what you get with each rank you purchase, head on over to the store (store.hypixel.net) to see.
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  8. I didn't realise the price difference was so steep because i bought my rank on sale and with £ so i payed £26 for MVP+
    But whatever i agree with your point.
  9. Go to MVP+ MVP is just VIP with extra steps
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  10. I think you should get Vip+ or Vip

    Vip+/Vip will show you how it is to have a rank. You can buy it during easter when it is 30% of and the 30% is not just 1 day. It is a whole week (if I am right). If you buy the Vip/Vip+ you get a slight knowledge on how it is having a rank. If you like it then upgrade it to Mvp+. As everyone mentioned Mvp is not that great and it is recommend to just go for Mvp+.

    Thia upgrade you will do will not cost any extra cash. So your good with that, although I recommend buying a rank if you will acctuly play alot on Hypixel... Me having Vip+ is making me think back and how happy I am that I did not buy Mvp+ cause in my eyes it is not worth it. But others do feel diffrent and you might find Mvp+ extremly good, just maybe try Vip/Vip+ and then upgrade it if you liked it so much during easter...
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    there's no point
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  12. Did you copy and paste this from another thread? I am already VIP+.
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  13. Oh I must have read wrong. I thought you were a non my bad. But my opinion about how you feel still stand, I think depending on how you feel about the current rank you have is deciding wether you should buy the rank. Ask yourself do you need it? Would it benefit you and your gameplay?
  14. wait for a sale and buy mvp+, mvp isn't worth it
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  15. Go right to MVP+, MVP doesn't have too many different perks than VIP+
  16. I very much disagree that there's anything MVP or VIP+ can do that VIP can't, I know there's some coin multis but that's about it... And guild creation but...
  17. If you look closely there is a perk thats called exclusive cosmetics. Vip can only have 97+ while Vip+ get 181+ and Mvp 208+. Now do you notice the big jump from Vip to Vip+? And then the less big jump from Vip+ to Mvp.

    Thats not the only thing. Hypixel lacks rank details in there shop. If you go on the server there are alot more perks such as special for example skin or kits in Tkr, Arena Brawl and alot more.

    You mentioned the creating guild command. You see it can be importent depending on what you want to do. If you want to make a guild or not.

    In the end it all leads up to preference. I thinl getting Vip+ instead of Vip for about 8 dollars is way better. Vip+ got more things then Vip but not is like Mvp with less boxes and box levels. But it is up to the players to decide in the end.
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