1. I am currently in 3/4 strong + tara helmet, i also have the tarantula and mastiff set. I am trying to get some money to get more talismans, i usually grind t3 svens, but now i am currently grinding for spider 7.

    The question here is that should i sell my 3/4 strong armor ? since i can still do t3 svens with tarantula

    P.S : Also how much is the recommended amount of kills that i should get to constantly do t4 tarantula. My stats are here : https://sky.lea.moe/stats/Aeriale/Cucumber
  2. Uh... don't.

    Just keep it, incase if you need to kill something and you need a considerable amount of defense (Tarantula set doesn't give much def.) & Strongtula still gives a lot of damage output.
  3. tbh even with full tarantula u should be able to kill t4 sven.

    That said, unless you desperately need money instantly, i don't see a point in selling your strong.
  4. bump because i need more view on this
  5. boysandgirls

    boysandgirls Active Member

    dude it’s up to you, no one can choose for you. if you’re seriously so broke that you need to sell strong then maybe rethink your minion setup
  6. i make 1 mil a day with minions. It's not that i am that broke, it's just because i don't know if i should keep my 3/4 strong armor since i won't really use it
  7. Alerj

    Alerj Active Member

    Elitez ELITEZ
    don't sell it, keep it it does more damage then superior.(tara helm +3/4 godly strong)
  8. boysandgirls

    boysandgirls Active Member

    if you’re not gonna ever use it then sell it. if you think you’ll one day have a use for it then don’t

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