Should I quit?

  1. Yes, this will help you so much

    16 vote(s)
  2. No, keep playing Minecraft, you love it!

    4 vote(s)
  3. Take a month or two break from it, get some fresh air

    41 vote(s)
  1. Not a lot of people know me, but I'm bbisgaming. I am a pvper that spends close to 7 hours a day on Minecraft. Minecraft has changed me a lot in these two years I have been playing. I'm not as athletic as I used to be, I am not very sociable anymore, and I get angry really easily. I have been wanting to quit for a very long time but it is hard. I decided that I need other people's opinions to help me. I also get very stressed out by the game and I get very salty. What should I do? Minecraft is my favorite game of all time. Quit, or stay?
  2. IDunnoKnowMyName

    IDunnoKnowMyName Active Member

    Quit. Your irl life is more important than mineman.
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  3. TUF


    TUF Well-Known Member

    Hypixel Knights MEMBER
    7 hours a day? Yes you should quit at least for 6 months:p
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  4. It’s up to you, but staying on that much isn’t healthy
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  5. The fact that you play minecraft for 7 hours a day is kinda weird.
    Go do something irl
    Take a break from this block game lol
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  6. Get a life. I did. Only playing skywars casually and occasionally has been great for my health
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  7. A7N


    A7N Well-Known Member

    MistbornHunters MEMBER
    You don't have to completely quit (even though it would probably be good for you), just play less and do something irl instead or play games that don't make you salty/stressed. I have started playing a lot less lately and I definitely don't regret it, I enjoy playing guitar and other games a lot more.
  8. 7 hours is in no way healthy, i would quit completely (also how do yoy maintain a job or even have that much irl free time jeez)
  9. The second I get home, I play minecraft till like 12 am to 1 am and I do all my homework in school.
  10. I'll try, thanks
  11. ok first off 7 hours is a lot of time as much as it seems its a ton

    you shouldnt quit altogether but a break is more reasonable because of how you stated in the poll also that you like it and quitting altogether would be difficult

    oke dats it yayayay
  12. A0Y_

    A0Y_ Active Member

    I don't wanna be rude, but here's what it sounds like to me:
    1. You spend 7 hours a day playing Minecraft.
    2. You get salty very easily and it stresses you out.
    3. Your physical health and social skills are lacking because of this.
    So why are you even asking everyone this question? It seems obvious, and I don't know why you need the thoughts of other people to know the answer. If it's not a no-brainer, then something is seriously wrong.
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  13. TripLU

    TripLU Active Member

    Good job i wish i can play 7hrs a day(i do in weekends) i mean in school days and dont quit u can be a master at dis game
  14. forgot to mention this oops

    idk how i missed the huge meat of this but if it makes you mad and salty then its no longer fun, its a stress and i think you should still take a break and find a server that perhaps takes fun in a different direction such as an MMORPG (try it jhbdrvgtxbkxbhnrtdv)

    ok dats it agEN
  15. MySpeed

    MySpeed Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion MEMBER
    Skywars is not a healthy experience
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  16. 7 hours, wtf
    And if ur not as athletic, does that mean you worked out, or you were in shape then u got fat?
  17. Did I also forget to mention my IQ drops every minute I play minecraft?
  18. TUF


    TUF Well-Known Member

    Hypixel Knights MEMBER
    That's normal. Minecraft is famous for destroying braincells
  19. Songgg

    Songgg Well-Known Member

    Play singleplayer Minecraft for a bit. I think it's a lot less addicting (say you die to a creeper when you are towering up after a mining session) and an occasional death could stop you from playing singleplayer for a few days at least.

    Also, try snacking every so often, go outside and walk around your neighborhood/field, run around, just do something IRL and even better do something IRL outside
  20. Just quit or take a break; playing less will only work in the first fed days

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