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  1. Hello people, Ive noticed that there's not alot of good maps for us tryhards that like and main. So my idea is to start building a new map in which there will be everything needed so it is a liked map. Should I do it? Vote on the pole please. And sorry for bad grammar Im tired.

    Edit: Tell me in the replies how you want it to be! Also I'm starting building tommorow.
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  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me think




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  3. yeh I understand what you're saying. ;)
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  4. yeah sure ;) give it a try
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  5. New maps are always fun!
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  6. What is a ''good map'' in your opinion?

    If you think you're qualified enough to start making maps and hopefully introducing them into the game, apply for the build team because you'd probably be wasting your time just ''making a map'' in your own free time. I'm not even sure where you'd have to start to try to get your map into the game. Also, thinking that it's gonna be good because from your perspective it might seem like the ''ideal'' map for tryhards, but we all have different ideals, so you have to be careful with the overall playability and not make it straight lined that only the try hard strats that you're used to are efficient.

    Don't take anything I'm saying as a downer, just keep what I said in mind if you're gonna try to go forward with this project! You should also ask for alot of players opinion if you're gonna actually do this. Just keep in mind while making a map that you need to respect everything the game has to offer. Remember that everyone plays differently and something that can be game ruining for an individual can be the reason someone else likes the map alot, so it's a question of finding balance!

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
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  7. imDari

    imDari Well-Known Member

    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    So basically
    16 rush like Jurassic
    Diamonds are like aquarium
    spaces at back, and lots of traps
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  8. yes ik
  9. i had that idea but i wont make it like jurrasic which u can basically reach mid in a weird way with at least like 16 wool
  10. but yes 16 rush ofc
  11. Try it, theres no point in not
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  12. New name

    New name Active Member

    better idea: build a map for paintball instead
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  14. i dont think theyll accept it, and it might just waste your time, but if you find it fun go for it :)
  15. no turbo kart racers
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  16. If you make it, you could have a chance of getting it in game. GL!
  17. Why does everyone use the excuse that they are tired for their grammar
  18. Im thinking of a galaxy theme
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  20. imDari

    imDari Well-Known Member

    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    its doable is 13-14
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