1. All these 'unusual' posts that seem to be about medication or health advice but generally make no sense are by accounts that end with "hari" in their name. If we auto-delete posts by these accounts I think the problem would be solved as I'm pretty sure they're bots.
  2. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    It's not only Hari at all
  3. This would be lovely. I'm tired of reporting bot spam
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  4. The bot account names often seem pretty random, I say threads with "keto" or "diet" in the title should be auto deleted instead.
    Seriously sick of hearing about keto this, keto that, nobody cares!
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  5. Thank you to whoever is already deleting these spam threads
  6. Gingr

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    SolarCvC SOLAR
    I don't think they're deleting them fast enough...

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  7. I keep reporting these as bot posts which is currently the only way I know of to get them noticed by the admins.
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  8. Perspicacity

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  9. Thank you for that very useful comment
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