1. Can we please get a set in stone date for murder 1.0? I've been checking the forums every half hour seeing if its out and I just can't wait anymore.
  2. It'll be SOON (I know how much that's been said) But they keep realising more and more teasers! That pretty much confirms it will be in the next two weeks. I suggest checking the Hypixel network twitter and turn on notifications, as sometimes they update that first before the forums.
  3. What if I don't wanna wait 2 weeks ;-;
  4. Then you have to. Simple as that.
    It will come out when it comes out.
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  5. "Not this weekend"

    Also they did the whole date thing with codename and the mega walls community and that didn't turn out well
  6. He said "not this weekend" last weekend.
  7. Give it time, if you continue to work yourself up about it then it will only take longer. The update will be done when it's ready not before, not after.
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  8. Someone on Twitter asked if it will be released in october and their answer was much sooner! So it could happen every second from now
  9. Thats what im hoping
  10. Well they said that the guild update was coming soon too... and they didn't say october 2017.. so i am sure it will be here before october 2018! Yes my post is 100% useless
  11. I hope they have a secret Blue Freak character in the full release.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. oml

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