1. Hi,

    Once accessing the Session API (https://api.hypixel.net/session?key=key&uuid=uuid), I get the following:
    That happens every time I access it, no matter if the player is online, offline or ingame.

    According to @skyerzz, the API should return any information, unless the player is either a staff member or is offline. (reference)

    I've been using that exact API around a year ago, and everything worked perfectly back then. It returned the gamemode, the server, the players and so on. I got a friend to use his API key to check if it had something to do with my API key (or IP for that matter). I checked MaxKorlaar's session tool (link) which I know have worked in the past, and it returns "Not playing", as the API most certainly also returns null here.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is the session API broken?
  2. MVP++'s don't show up in sessions endpoint along with staff and youtubers.

    I'd say it was done to make guessing who owned a nick much harder along with that it also makes sniping more difficult as the snipers would need to know your nickname, before they could use the targets session and snipe what minigame instance you were in instead.
  3. Too add onto the above, the session is only available if the player is in a game. If they are online, but in a lobby, it will still return null

    At least, to my knowledge it's that way. Ill take a look later today, or tomorrow, to see if it's actually broken :)
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  4. Dance

    Dance Well-Known Member

    To add on again, it’s not really recommended that you use that endpoint in the first place due to some other inaccuracies.

    To quote Plancke,
    “[Session data is] more internal data than anything. This is why we deprecated it from the Java implementation. We'll probably remove the endpoint at some point.” (Source)
  5. Ok, as said above, session will return null if the player is a staff member, and session is more for an internal usage with the /rejoin command. So the session is cleared when you join a new game (the session is refreshed with the new one) or the game is finished and the session is destroyed (return null). It doesn't return null if you logout.

    But for MVP++, it's a bit special. If you join a game without nick, you will be in the session. If you use a nickname and join a game, your will not be in the session, returns null if you search with the uuid of the MVP++. And do not returns the uuid of the player when you search with someone else in the game but will returns another uuid of a player.
    And if you leave the game, reset your nick and join back, you will still not be in the list.
    To be back in the list you need to be nicked, join another game, remove your nick in lobby and join the first game back. (I suppose it is because they store the uuid of the player with the server and update it only when the server changes). ;)
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  6. I tried checking the session of several non-MVP++ players, and it returned null on every lookup. I tried while players were in Duels, SkyWars, BedWars and Arcade.
  7. Dance

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    I think that the endpoint is just too quirky, not worth relying on.

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