1. oh well i think my spamming worked in the end LMAO
  2. Whattttttt

    Whattttttt Active Member

    This is literally useless for people that have members that are banned and want to add more members.
  3. Yay finallllly!
  4. Aldwiin

    Aldwiin New Member

    English version :

    For my part it is a good update if only the active person could vote alone ... I played with friends discord (we were 5 with me) I am today the only one to play ...

    I would like to invite a new person but it is necessary that he connects to remove himself except that they have more time ...

    Me I think it would be necessary to set up a system or if they have 1 month of inactivity that you are alone or with several of being ejected this one.

    Version française :

    Pour ma part c'est une bonne mise à jour si seulement la personne active pouvait voté seul ... Je jouais avec des amis discord (on était 5 avec moi) Je suis aujourd'hui le seul à jouer ...

    j'aimerais inviter de nouvelle personne mais faut qu'il se connecte pour s'enlever sauf qu'ils n'ont plus le temps ...

    Moi je pense qu'il faudrait mettre en place un système ou si ils ont 1 mois d'inactivité que tu soit seul ou à plusieurs de pouvoir éjecté celle-ci.
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  5. Nice! Cool! Wow!
  6. Flame_Frost_

    Flame_Frost_ Well-Known Member

  7. Maybe they can make a afk system where it kicks you if your not on for like 20 days.
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  8. Whattttttt

    Whattttttt Active Member

    Good point but the admins wont care unless a yt says it.
  9. go commit look at enderman
  10. But what if both your coop member offline so no one get kick. Because they also inactive you can't invite new member
  11. Serena

    Serena Well-Known Member

    Allied ALLIED
    rip timedeo.
  12. Can the coop owner get kicked?
  13. e843faec33f2a8c61fb938785f80e1ac.png oh ok cool
  14. ... this comes out 5 days after i restart everything to coop with my friend
  15. this came too late :(

    i lost everything to a co-op member, 250k in the bank, an ench emerald block,
    this should have been added from the start, too little, too late.
  16. I’m sure someone else said this but why does the coop get the persons belongings? The person might’ve grinder hours for that
  17. Tealys

    Tealys New Member

  18. Very nice feature!
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  19. Now you see, I have a co-op but they dont play. So this is useless to me, but its still cool.
    The menu includes a new co-op kick feature (also can use /coopkick):
    Co-op Management Menu, with a preview of the kick feature

    When kicking a player, a vote is held amongst the other partners. Once everyone agrees, the target player will be removed from the profile. You may then pickup their belongings using /coopsalvage.

    In order to keep track of players who transited through the profiles, there's a new "Historical Members" button:
    Historical Members button in the Co-op Management menu

    Within the historical members you can see extra info about their history, like when they left and why.

    Information about a Historical Member

    Finally, in the Co-op Management menu you can view the status of your co-op partners.
    It shows live info like their current island, whether they're playing on this profile and their online status.
    It also includes extra info about their profile like their purse, equipped armor, collection contributions and how long they've been in the co-op.

    Co-op member current status


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