1. can we have a new content update soon? like a new dimension or something (combat-related) xd
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  2. Zendei

    Zendei Active Member

    What about kicking players on a 2-player co-op? I have a coop member who hasn't played since the first day and hasn't been on since, I don't want him randomly getting on and using my stuff or doing anything with my stuff.
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  3. Why is it only for VIP or higher
  4. That's cool.
  5. Seems just like a system update, probably code rewrites ect... What would be nice though, is if you could convert your solo profile to a co-op... :'( I started solo and now I have some buddies i want to add but you can't add them to your island if you created it solo... so... lame...
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  6. i've been scammed
    i thought they finally made it so that other ppl can join ur island without creating a new profile
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  7. DarthScrub

    DarthScrub New Member

    Yes, thank you. Unfortunately, 1 day too late for me and my co-op members.
  8. itsZombie

    itsZombie New Member

    Can we invite members back if they deleted their co-op profile? My friend accidentally deleted hers and she was the one who invited me to co-op and now im playing solo on a co-op profile.
  9. Can we have an F in the chat for Sylent_
  10. Fluffery

    Fluffery Well-Known Member

    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    This update is terrible.

    If it is the way I think it is, these changes need to be immediately reverted because people can take advantage of it:

    1) It's not just about kicking your coop members. It's about kicking them with a valid cause, and that falls downright to inactivity in the coop. Currently, in what this post outlines, I don't see "You may kick the coop member IF so and so requirements are met ONTOP of the vote agreement"

    2) This means anyone in the coop can be kicked at will, regardless of how active the person being kicked is, compared to how active and how many contributions the people kicking have made.

    Speaking for personal experience, my coop partners are both inactive. They would never vote to kick me, but they can. I've unlocked and collected nearly 97% of all things (it's pretty much a solo coop at this point) but what this update does is give power to those two remaining people to kick me at will, AND without a valid reason to.

    How does it make sense for me to be able to be kicked by two members who
    1) may have maximum 5% total COMBINED playing time that I have on the coop
    2) Have contributed COMBINED 3% of the COOP, whereas I'm the remaining 97%
    3) I'm not even inactive, but they are!

    This doesn't only go for my coop.

    My coops would never kick me, once again, but there is still a loophole there that this update introduced that is in theory WORSE than how it was before the update.

    Please fix.

    Bottom LINE:

    Whether or not you're active AND your total contributions to the coop should carry WEIGHT on whether or not a certain person may be kicked, not just a simple vote.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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  11. I guess this is what we waited a month for. Tune in next month for more content finally :/
  12. Is it possible to allow converting solo profiles into coop ones as i created a solo one unaware of how the system works and now i cant play with friends without losing all my progress :(
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  13. 15h


    15h Well-Known Member

    great, now fix pit k thx bye
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  15. now the pit
  16. Time to survivor style yeet someone off the island.
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  17. Ineed but does this update consist of a option to add a coop to a existing solo island?
  18. Sweet. Thanks for the update! c:

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