1. Hey!

    We released an update to the SkyBlock profiles system.
    This profiles patch mostly focuses on the backend systems, but there's a few features we slipped in.

    We added a new Co-op Management menu.
    You can access it by using /coop while already on a co-op profile:
    Typing /coop while already in a co-op

    The menu includes a new co-op kick feature (also can use /coopkick):
    Co-op Management Menu, with a preview of the kick feature

    When kicking a player, a vote is held amongst the other partners. Once everyone agrees, the target player will be removed from the profile. You may then pickup their belongings using /coopsalvage.

    In order to keep track of players who transited through the profiles, there's a new "Historical Members" button:
    Historical Members button in the Co-op Management menu

    Within the historical members you can see extra info about their history, like when they left and why.

    Information about a Historical Member

    Finally, in the Co-op Management menu you can view the status of your co-op partners.
    It shows live info like their current island, whether they're playing on this profile and their online status.
    It also includes extra info about their profile like their purse, equipped armor, collection contributions and how long they've been in the co-op.

    Co-op member current status

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  2. Wensen

    Wensen Active Member

    Galex GALEX
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  3. Liid_d

    Liid_d Well-Known Member

    I’m not on coop so this is 100% useless to me...
    But nice
    Hype train for those that have friends :v
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  4. ImRodry

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  5. Where's the rest of the update?
    I mean... I hope we don't have to wait another 2 (or 4?) months for the promised actual bugfixes like Skeleton Helmet and Quiver Arrow...

    Edit: An update with the Quiver Arrow fix, really nice QoL changes and hopefully Skelly fix too is being rolled out. If they fixed the Skeleton Helmet, I think it's safe to say the 'rest of the update' was pretty awesome. Ty Hypixel
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  6. _W6B_

    _W6B_ Active Member

    Bridgers BRIDGE
    I'm a solo so it doesn't help, maybe make a thing where theres a new mini-boss in the obsidian sanctuary that gives mediocre armor (slightly better than lapiz)
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  7. oeleh
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  8. DAng
  9. I play on a solo island so this is irrelevant to me, but these are still some cool features.
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  10. im not in a coop
    why u do dis
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  11. Culd

    Culd Active Member

    SkyOrigins ORIGIN
    Man would really like it if they added inviting people to already-existing solo profiles :/
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  12. yeah I'm sure this is pretty cool for people with coops :/

    but i don't have a coop D:
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  13. hoipe
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  14. cuz it was messed up
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  15. Nice update <3
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  16. Isnt this possible ? I remember I added a friend to my solo island when I started, he left already tho so back to solo now but still, I did add him ..
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  17. Nice update. Can't wait for more updates! :)
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  18. BeastyPigPC

    BeastyPigPC New Member

    Yo can you hit me up witha super compactor ill bid 320k max (so far)
  19. TheDusty01

    TheDusty01 Active Member

    Nice one!
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