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  1. LightSamusss

    LightSamusss New Member

    So I have 3 accounts.
    I want one of my friends do play with me so I let them log in on one off them they get banned because of Security. As I make a appeal to get it unbanned I get banned on my main account.
    Will my accounts keep getting banned because of this?
    Or is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?
    I have 3 banned accounts now because of this. And I don't think they would like to unban all of them.
  2. Appeal the bans before connecting with any more accounts. Once the ban is removed, it'll stop.
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  3. xMdb

    xMdb Well-Known Member

  4. As said above there's nothing more you can do other than appeal the bans. It may be worth changing the password too, and running an anti-virus check just in case your PC has been infected, and the passwords leaked. If you find they keep getting banned, contact a Moderator :)
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