1. how did it get nerfed?
  2. boop
  3. The ability doesn`t affects longer Dragons. Runaan`s Bow is back; Scorp is trash
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  4. wdym doesnt affect longer dragons
  5. Thriplerex

    Thriplerex Well-Known Member

    Well, you see, it doesn't affect long dragons, that's what he's saying. Elongated reptilian fire-breathing creatures are no longer under the spell of the stinger.
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  6. People say it doesn't effect drags anymore, yet it still does plenty of damage for me.
  7. The vanilla stats of it are pretty good. Define plenty?
  8. I still can get top 3 with it. Definitely not 30mil damage but still 2-3mil depending on whether or not the full superior lad in the lobby has good or terrible base stats.

    And no, i don't have DH.
  9. better than runaans?
  10. is it still better then ruunans?
  11. Nah, depends on armor. But it really fell down alot since, i'm pretty sure Runaan's is a better choice rn.
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  12. Agree, i get top 3 with scorp, but for scorp i Need wise. It feels you can make equal damage to runaan DH3 Strong armor
    Yesterday at the Drag the top 1-3 all hat 2,2m to 2,3m so Close

    If you have superior and runaan you make more dmg
  13. MarioG204

    MarioG204 Well-Known Member

    Fezzy POG
    Yes but most people will tell you no because they want to justify spending 15 million coins on a bow
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  14. ifatapple

    ifatapple Active Member

    They want to justify the stupid damage which is 3x more than mosquito bow in the higher tier of tarantula

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