1. A couple of my friends have been scammed for over 200m worth of items (2 midas swords and a couple of superior sets). The person that scammed them is pretty famous in the SkyBlock community. They have given away a lot of money and they are trusted. The person that scammed them asked if they could use their set in return for discord nitro. (Keep in mind that the scammer has asked for sets before and given people discord nitro.) I don't know if there is anything I can do to help them, they are all planning on quitting SkyBlock. Any advice? (I am trying not to mention the scammer's name.)
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  2. all you can do is report them i beleive if u have proof

    edited to add if u have proof
  3. You gave your stuff to a scammer but please don't go to,
    Skyblock Forums dude,
    It is your fault,
    Stop having so much salt.

    You just got scammed and you don't know whyyyyyyy
    So maybe you deserved to get scammmmed

    When I see a scammer,
    I think to not go near,
    But you diddd,
    Just don't complain about it dear.

    You just got scammed and you don't know whyyyyy
    So maybe you deserved to get scammmmed (x2)

    When you see a non,
    Asking for you to buyyyy,
    Just don't give a ton,
    and you'll be okkkkkkkk.

    (CHORUS) x2

    You're all the same,
    you should be ashamed,
    please stop filling our forums with trash.

    Please stop public shaming,
    before I form a rash.

    Maybe this taught you a lesson,
    or maybe you might commit treason,
    but there is no reason,
    to inform us with your faulttttttt.

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  4. you don't understand
  5. Well-known scammers in sb are the ones that hack players account. You situation then, are your friends dumb? Let the scammer borrow the set without considering that the reason is stupid. My only advice for you and your friend here is:

  6. you a
    you also dont understand
  7. Then explain to me man
  8. bh4d

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    Guild Master
    Very low IQ individuals lost their items and I don't feel sad for them.
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  9. A_Sword: You dont understand but u wont explain.
  10. Exiz

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    best answer respect for you.
  11. Greninja

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    Not as good as the You Got Scammed Song
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  12. TheRealChikin

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    SupaHi is CRACKED
  13. SOUPHI is a lEGENd
  14. Hello,

    It is annoyed to hear that you have been scammed on the network. However, when it comes to scamming there is almost nothing we can do regarding it to prevent it from happening. This is simply caused by trusting people too much and not using the trading methods that are available.

    Whenever you want to trade, it for the items vs the item. Use the auction to sell items, do not try anything else and using the item vs item trading system is simply handy. If you accept the trade there is nothing we can do about it as you both agreed to it. This simply prevents scamming from happening on the network if you use these trading methods.

    Whenever you see someone saying in chat that you believe is not allowed, use the reporting system in-game by typing '/report <username>' and you can report them and we will review the case.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to message me anytime
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  15. I still tried. We need more songs to spread the word
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    Can't beat the original man, unless it's Shrek
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  17. 700m worth of stuff big rip
  18. Justalie12

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    Oh did TimeDeo scam you?
  19. SupaHi cracked.
  20. AntuFTW

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    You're an example of one of those guys that acts smart, high and mighty but ur probably just a 3IQ monkey sitting in you room all day pipe down boss man.
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