1. If a non gets scammed and vents about it on the forums, doesn't have evidence and public shames, you must:
    Spam L in the comments
    Rate it funny
    Spam L some more

    (They deserve it lmao)
  2. https://hypixel.net/threads/not-con...ng-i-got-scammed-posts.2602005/#post-18214352

    if they are raging, sure. but if they just left the name of the scammer (instead of death threats or something), report the post and leave it at that.

    if they are just saying they got scammed, drop a funny and move on. a lot of them dont know that theyre clogging up the forums, and that is no reason to cyberbully them. read my post
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    common knowledge
  4. Like farm 101
  5. Copypastas are made for this

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