What should be done with the Puffles?!

  1. Save the Puffles! (Bring them to Hypixel)

  2. Let the Puffles drown :( (Don't bring them to Hypixel)

  1. As we all know, on the fateful day of March 29, 2017, the Winter Wonderland that was known to many as 'Club Penguin' began to melt. Due to Global Warming, extreme inclement in warm weather caused the place of many of our childhood's to perish. When the game shut down, many penguins lost their puffles, and many puffles lost a home during the detrimental cataclysm that was March 29, 2017.

    While many puffles fought valiantly to survive, not all made it. Those that did escaped Club Penguin by drifting on icebergs, and now those puffles need our HELP!

    What I am proposing here is that we bring the puffles to the Hypixel server by giving them the roles of companions. We could give homes to many puffles, including the classic, solid colored puffles, the elusive rainbow puffle, the extremely rare gold puffle, the adorable animal puffles, and even the mythical unicorn puffle! Some even say they’ve spotted the rumored creeper puffle…!

    10_puffles_by_pinkiejanice-d6xnp5r.png f4287d80b5a32df2f2a8e589c34ac6c7.png images (13).jpg images (14).jpg download (11).jpg images (15).jpg

    That being said, coming to Hypixel would understandably have an extreme impact on the puffles' appearances! I've theorized that in this world they would seem to appear something along the lines of this:

    download (12).jpg

    While they may be cute and fluffy, puffles are a very big responsibility, so should you decide to provide a home for one you must be prepared to cater to their needs and give them the best life possible! After all, they've been through so much, the best we can do is provide them with cozy homes. Players could even go to the efforts to make homes for their puffles or even a puffle daycare in their own Housing plot!

    Now, we must pay our respects to one of the courageous puffles who lost their lives when the safe-haven of Club Penguin ceased to exist... Rest in Peace to the following puffle, Ghost Puffle.

    download (14).jpg

    On March 29, 2017, not only did many penguin’s lose their puffles, many puffles lost a home. I urge you all to vote on the poll above regarding what action you believe should be taken with the many puffles who are now drifting on icebergs in the sea aimlessly, looking for a home. I also implore that you all change your signatures to #SaveThePuffles to help this movement gain traction!

    PS... I've heard they like being called Puffies in Minecraft...!

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  2. I am evil
    Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 12.47.32 pm.png
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  3. I would love to see this added to the server! Good idea <3
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  4. This is adorable, and an issue that must be addressed! Bring the puffles to hypixel! What an amazing idea haha
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  5. WestEnterprise

    WestEnterprise Active Member

    This is an amazing idea, and I feel like our community can bond over this!
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  6. Who voted let the puffles drown :((
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  7. Bembo

    Bembo Moderator | Applications Team

    Hearts HEARTS
    You have my full support!
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  8. Cera

    Cera Helper

    Hearts HEARTS
    I've read many heartbreaking news articles regarding the current situation for these innocent puffles and it is extremely unfortunate to see what they had to go through. Their homes were mercilessly stripped away from them and I sincerely hope that they will be able to find a safe haven here over at Hypixel.

    How can you say no to this harmless face? It's impossible!


    As a strong advocate for this cause, I will be following this movement religiously and spreading the word because these puffles are deserving of a new and safe environment. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.


    Also, to the monster who voted to let these puffles drown, I really hope you re-evaluate this crucial situation. Please have a change of heart.

    For real though, I love this idea. Having grown up playing Club Penguin, this is a huge nostalgia hit for me. I'd love to have a cute puffle on the server.
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  9. I miss my Puffles like Shadow, Sonic and Fire. They were good puffles. I agree we need the Puffles in Hypixel.
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  10. Love it!
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  11. Thank you all so much for the support! These puffles indeed need a home!


    Except you:
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  12. Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 4.31.26 pm.png
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  13. Gosbubble

    Gosbubble Well-Known Member

    Good idea!
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  14. Let them drown.
    *queue evil laugh*
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  15. Hahahahahahahbahahahhhahah
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  16. I only grew up with that buildabear game
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  17. lol
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  18. I do appreciate your thread, but that would take a ton of time to do.

    Minecraft would need to pay money to Disney for this to happen. Plus they would need documents to make sure that Disney allowed them to use Puffles in their game so they can't sue.

    Minecraft and it's subsidiaries would all be contacted and they would have to probably pitch in money as well and that means more paperwork because the puffles have to be documented. If Minecraft were to go astray in their original designs of the Puffles that would be copyright infringment.

    Since you also want to add them on to Hypixel, Hypixel would have to sign documents as well and probably pay Disney to use their Puffle idea. Since Club Penguin was bought by Disney, the Puffles would have to strictly follow the patent that Disney has in place.

    I think adding Puffles would be cool, but it will be tedious to have this implemented in. (But Hypixel, Notch and his associates, and Disney would make money off of this!)

    Where did they come up with Puffles as their name?
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  19. Thank you so much for the feedback regarding the Puffie revolution!

    While Hypixel adding puffles could be problematic as you have already proven, simply renaming them to Puffies could solve this problem (or altering their appearance)! One of Hypixel's already existing companions, HP-8 (otherwise known as BB-8), is a character from the Star Wars franchise, which ironically, is also owned by Disney. This proves that it is certainly possible to save the 'Puffies' and give them a home here on Hypixel!

    Mechanically speaking, they're still adorable puff balls! I'm sure it could be achievable should a goal such as adding these extremely cute companions be set!

    Who wouldn't name such adorable fluff balls Puffles (Puffies is still an exceptional substitute!)

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  20. Atom888

    Atom888 Well-Known Member

    Oh s***, this is actually pretty good :eek:

    Just need to solve the legal issues..
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