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  1. Hello, As of right now the chat filter isn't great. It needs improvements, I still see people saying swear words and death threats. I'm going to try to improve it

    I would call this the "Safety" chat.

    ---> with the safety update
    Why should we add this? Because there is a lot of kids in the server and most of them can get heart broken, Sad, etc, Before your say "They can turn off their chat though." They can, but they don't know how.
    Also when people swear or say Sexual stuff in chat, The kids will ask their parents and say "Daddy/mommy what does **** mean?" They will get in trouble and might even ban them from MC.
    I know that it's like already a rule where people get banned for it, But this will make Staff have more time to catch hackers or to help people with questions. Also, Games like UHC, Blitz and mega walls, I see a lot of death threats and a lot of toxic things, That isn't friendly At all!

    Also this will make hypixel more FRIENDLY.

    Now I have a other idea but it just might make this worthless and no reason to do a update of this but anyway
    there will be a toggle thing, If people have it off, They can see swear words etc, if they have it on, it will block it
    Now I have a other idea which might be a bad idea
    People can put their percent like there will be a command of how much bad words and naughty stuff will be blocked like
    /Chatfilter 65%
    it will block 65% swear words and the other naughty stuff
    Tell me if I should remove those 2 last ideas ^^^

    That is it guys! sorry of this thread looks bad or the idea seems bad, This is my first idea that I have ever made that is for hypixel in (i forgot how to spell it.... ;-; )
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  2. no lol
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    WATCHDOG-IS-FAKE Well-Known Member

    mineplex tried this and see how horrible their chat is...
    this is a great idea in theory, but honestly it is almost impossible to implement because computers can't understand the meaning of words, only that they are a string of characters...
    so it can't tell the difference of use of the word "kill" in "kys" as opposed to "kill the hacking herobrine on green!" ...

    and it will block like so many extra things, and will make chat unsable, and everybody can bypass this SO easily

    chat filters don't work
  4. Why?
  5. Thank you for explaining, Maybe there should be a forum where people leave comments of what words should be blocked? anyway Thanks for the comment.
  6. ./myfilter add (some word i get offended by),and boom you are set
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  7. But. New players might not even know about that.
  8. But thats not your problem.Hypixel could add a "Join the forums to see the rules and commands you can do" pop up when someone joins.BUT NAHHHH,lets kills gamemodes instead
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  9. Chat filters always fail because there are always loopholes that can bypass the filter.

    Besides, Hypixel seem to look the other way when kids who have ranks swear more than a sailor.
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  10. AND there should be a command list
    Thanks for the comment.

    Also there should be a credit book, There is some maps and kits made by the community and new players think the Build team made it and the staff
  11. Actually, many maps and noteblock songs are given credit. Though, Hypixel has it so whatever you give Hypixel you also give them ownership.
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  12. but not all the new players uses the forums. ;-;
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  13. They are shown when hovering their mouse over the noteblock song. Also, in a pre-game lobby usually will have signs that give credit to whoever made the map. All of which are in-game.
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  14. Axelocity

    Axelocity Well-Known Member

    this won't end well
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  15. A few more posts about it "wont work" then I request a mod to lock it. :)
  16. Zulrakk

    Zulrakk New Member

    I see the majority disagrees with what you want to add. Here's my point. If you add this, and it doesn't take much effort to implement, it wouldn't be harming anyone. It may also make someone not want to say the toxic message. If it blocks some messages, isn't it better than having no messages blocked?
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