Runaans or Magma Bow

  1. Runaans

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  2. Magma Bow

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  1. ^ Title^

    Just spent way to long arguing in the deep caverns with some people that runaans is better

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  2. Runaans.
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  3. Runaans
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  4. SwagPun

    SwagPun Member

    Runnan, why would you ever choose magma bow
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  5. Runnan base damage 396, Magma base damage 400. Adding hpbs or even reforges. still Magma > Runnans
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  6. i think u forgot the extra 2 arrows
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  7. Runnans definitely
  8. Runaans. Versatile and does a shitload of damage, considering that it is not hard to make.
  9. No Runnans base main arrow deals 220 and each other arrow deals 40% of that.

    So that is 220 + 88 + 88 = 396.
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  10. Runaan much better.
  11. ok lol but then runaans is legendary and its easier to hit an enemy
  12. The tier of an item doesn't matter much, for the magma bow, its damaging stats are doubled, so that includes reforges.
    For accuracy, we've all used a normal bow before? Aiming is an enchant? The further away a mob is, the less likely that your two extra arrows will also hit your target (If you have good accuracy that is).
  13. Runaans is obviously better i think..
  14. batoes

    batoes Active Member

    do you have a screw loose in your head? runaans is way better lol
  15. No better

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  16. Runaan's is definitely better.
  17. Magma
    Dont listen to the nons above me saying runaans, they cant even provide any proof :)
  18. LastWarrior123

    LastWarrior123 Active Member

    You forgot legendary reforge
  19. I'll post a detailed explanation about this later today using the same method that I used when comparing aotd and pigman. It will take everything, including the abilities and reforges, into account.
  20. if you want to kill 1 mob only and want damage use magma
    if you want to kill 2-6 mobs with 1 shot use runaan's
    (runaan's is worse because of the new update)

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