1. no words.
    "Deathmatch Arena Revamp
    Out with the old, in with the new! All deathmatch arenas have been replaced with much more PvP friendly ones. Things like grass, half slabs etc - are not used in the new ones. This should result in a much more fun and fair deathmatch arena! Check out the pics of the new DM arena's below!"
    how are random holes in the map are pvp friendly..
    sorry @Yqt1001
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
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  2. Atior

    Atior Well-Known Member

    Runner RUNNER
    that ping-pong had literally no logic at all. you went flying all over the place ._.
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  3. powns

    powns Well-Known Member

    I would say: just remove rogue, cuz:
    1. No1 uses it.
    2. Less campers on mountains.
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  4. MusicNinja

    MusicNinja Active Member

    Wow! Awesome!
  5. Detective

    Detective Well-Known Member

    Yeah we have Rouge now, who needs Rogue!
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  6. If no1 uses it, who camps pn mountains, and if you can do that it isnt useless!
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  7. Im a rogue, i love rogue
    i didn't get rogue
    if you say im crazy i will eat your nipples
  8. powns

    powns Well-Known Member

    u got me there ^-^, what i wanted to say was: only a bunch of scrubs use that kit, the "healthy thinking" players will use OP kits, not a kit with 2 almost broken swords.
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  9. Rogue is only op if you kill a second rogue and combine the diamond swords. Otherwise it's kinda useless.
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  10. You can kill a op kit with that 2 swords
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  11. You are CrazyCrazy
  12. cseam7

    cseam7 Well-Known Member

    That clicking noise really was the highlight of your audio :d
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  13. I love how you were bouncing off the walls
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  14. I have to admit, that was a very strange fight. It makes a little bit more sense in slow motion. The fight from my perspective is at 5:30.

    I use Rogue as a derp around kit. I don't think it needs to be removed, because it's very hard to win with. :p
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  15. tonight, when you sleep, i will eat your nipples.
    how do they taste btw

    joke :)
  16. I will put Chocolate on it :p
  17. samsage

    samsage Well-Known Member

    In miner by trades video it looks like he got a double hit on you, then that plus weird anticheat and stuff just launched you around.
  18. eeriness

    eeriness Well-Known Member

    drops DROPS
    never underestimate rogue
  19. If you pay very close attention to the way the Rogue sword hits (and the direction it should have launched Danuu), you can figure out what's going on. I swung around and landed a hit toward the hole right before the second major KB III took effect. That's why it threw him forward after he already flew backwards. Knockback III+ seems harder for the game to process lol
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  20. Guy half way across the map
    *clicks like mad*
    I loled!

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