1. HuntingCharger

    HuntingCharger Active Member

    Everyone, either noobs and players who know the game mine chests for food, arrows, bows and blocks.
    Neither noobs or practiced players need stupid chest loot like redstone, torches or cookies.

    Apart from adding stuff to the first chest you obtain in a game the actual chest loot has never been touched (apart from some classes who get extra arrows, gapples etc.)

    So now to my suggestion, please remove the unnessary chest loot (redstone, torches and maybe cookies) as this crap appaers in my inventory and i have to sort it out every 1-2 minutes as a moleman main.

    They could also reduce the amount ob bows u can find, who needs 20 bow in a single game.

    Ikr this isnt much of an upgrade or change, but the current chest loot is still stuck in 2014 (well actually redstone has never been useful in mega walls)


    Thanks for reading, let me know what u think.
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  3. just dont pick them up and you dont have to deal with them
  4. Noobs need torches

    They cant see in a hole
  5. defenite agree
  6. HuntingCharger

    HuntingCharger Active Member

    A full-noob who is fearing holes because of the darkness play this game 1-2 times since they dont get how they died that quick
  7. rockjack836

    rockjack836 New Member

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  8. HuntingCharger

    HuntingCharger Active Member

    Tell me someone who doesnt mine their chests with an axe ..
  9. Yes, yes, and yes please.
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  10. Me lmao

    wait am i bad?
  11. HuntingCharger

    HuntingCharger Active Member

    Bro just mine them in the way you want to, but why shouldnt they update the actual loot to maximum 3 bows and remove cookies, torches and redstone

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