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    Few months ago, superior got secretly nerfed. What I mean by that is the 5% stat boost on the full set bonus doesn’t include the damage stat anymore.

    This nerf made armor sets like strong shine because of how cheap they are compaired to superior (5-6mil compaired to 24mil back in the days) and the damage difference was not noticeable.

    Now that sets like tarantula exist, they are very close to beating superior/they are better than superior for dragon fights. Tarantula is much cheaper (Around 4mil) and the price of superior went up to 30mil.

    Superior was meant to be the strongest set in the game, and see’ing that some sets like 3/4 strong and tarantula helm now, or full tarantula do similar damage for a much lower cost.

    Add the 5% boost on the damage stat, it was a nice addition to superior.
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  2. If they buff the damage, nerf speed, mana and ehp
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  3. wasnt it just fixing it giving +10% not +5%
  4. unlike tarant or strong, superior gets shadowbuffed every single patch, with new accessories. Like the wither artifact for example.
    even if you might be stronger with 3strong + tarant helmet then superior all accessories possible rn (idk if that is the case), you are so incredible close that it only needs maybe 2 or 3 more accessories until superior surpasses strong again.
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  5. The damage formula is (5 + dmg + str/5) * (1 + str/100) * (1 + cdmg/100) * (enchant stuff + combat level stuff)

    With superior, your strength and crit damage already get a 5% bonus, making it this: (5 + dmg + str * 1.05/5) * (1 + str * 1.05/100) * (1 + cdmg * 1.05/100) * (enchant stuff + combat level stuff). What it was doing before was also adding in another multiplier of 1.05, making it this:

    (5 + dmg + str * 1.05/5) * (1 + str * 1.05/100) * (1 + cdmg * 1.05/100) * (enchant stuff + combat level stuff) * 1.05

    That was an unintentional feature, and it has been fixed. It's more accurate to say superior was buffed for a while and got fixed than it is to say it got nerfed.
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  6. Damage wasn't supposed to be buffed,it was a fix not a "nerf"
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  7. They never fixed it. The "nerf" has been here since august where they made the percentage additive instead of multiplicative.
  8. Did they really? Which factor is it additive to?
  9. you got it slightly wrong
    combat level stuff is included in enchant stuff
  10. My bad, never tested it to be sure, i'll edit
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  11. I thought we got over this bug fix already, but I would love to see at most a 2% increase in the damage stat, the 5% before may be a bit too much.
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  12. glennm723

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    It's the exact opposite actually, tarantula helmet scales faster than superior. ATM if i use aotd(120 str) full superior is better than 3/4 superior and tara helm, while if i use thick scorp(220 str) the tara helm is better.
    Edit 125 and 225 forgot about spicy
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  13. why do I actually want an aspect of the maddox in the game
    it's the dumbest idea but I love it anyway

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