1. Beating the revenant tier 3 alone can be a chore but I have a few easy tips to keep in mind for the battle.

    First of all: To do it you need certain gear for it. I had my superior dragon armor but I'm pretty sure you can do it with almost any of them since I've seen many dragon set people doing just fine against them. Perfect armor works too and (if you care to farm it) revenant which is probably the best option currently for defensive purposes.

    Your weapon should be something that can actually kill it within the 3 minutes given. One of the easier ones to get is the leaping sword but that takes an awful long time. You should try to get yourself to zombie slayer level 3 at least to get the revenant falchion with smite V (possibly smite VI from the auction) so you deal some insane damage to the boss. Life steal and zombie sword are recommended.

    You should also try and get the power orb (wolf slayer 2 crafting recipe). It is not at all hard to get and it's very cheap. The emeralds shouldn't be that difficult to get either. Healing wand is good but not required.

    Now for the boss itself: It has 400k hp, can heal from you and shreds your armor by 25% while also doing AoE damage with not that short of a range. It can also randomly enrage which boosts its damage by an insane amount. Before it spawns make sure you have full mana and as it spawns use the power orb for healing and stay in the area where it is. Do not tank the hits from the boss. This is because the boss will do some huge damage hits after it has done a series of attacks on you. If you let it do this, it will suddenly deal so much damage that it will actually one shot you. This happened to me a few times even with my 1150 or so defence with revenant armor. To know when it does the attack ,you will hear quite a punching sound and see your hp fall down a lot compared to the normal attacks the boss does. And when it does it again, the damage is doubled. So I suggest running around the area of the power orb and making sure it doesn't attack you too many times in a little amount of time.

    If you have 200 mana or under, the healing wand can be a risk since it doesn't heal you as much as the orb and using it risk that you don't have enough mana to use the orb.

    Whenever you think you will die soon, start running and make sure it's following you. If you have enough mana, here is a good moment to use a zombie sword/healing wand or place a power orb far enough of the boss that you can heal most of your hp.

    If the boss enrages, however, you just need to run until it wares out. The enrage stays for 10-15 seconds so it isn't that long to wait.

    If you don't let the boss damage you or anyone else for a long period of time, the boss will rapidly heal to full hp. You will not be able to stop this until it damages you and if you are low on time, it just might be over for you.

    So in short, keep your distance, don't let it combo you, heal with power orb. If enraged, run until it wears out. Run if low hp and get a new position for power orb, same for enraged.
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  2. its easy if you have the orbs or a healing wand. just don't get trapped when its enraged or you are omega fucked
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  3. for t3 rev just simple standard very wise dragon set + zombie sword (heal) + aote (tp) + aotd (damage)
    nothing fancy
  4. This method is still viable for those who are struggling though.
  5. im pretty sure theres a time for it to get enraged, as i sometimes see people run from it before it becomes enraged.
    sadly i cant figure it out and i died twice to it yay
  6. All I do is tank the damage with Very Wise armour, a Radiant power orb and wand of mending. Also, with the getting 1 shot with revenent armour that's a bug one of the attacks the boss does (Smash I believe) doesn't register as damage from a zombie so the accumulated defence from the armour doesn't block any of it, it only does that attack if your in a corner or not moving too frequently, pretty easy to stop.
  7. how about full very wise armor, place orbs and spam zombie sword and healing wand, and jitter in the corner
  8. Good idea, you can get away with it but if you don't move around enough the boss does a "Smash" ability which throws you around causing a lot of KB and causes a lot of HP, if it does the smash in enraged mode it can one shot you if you are lacking in health.
  9. (spam zomb sword as usual, ez)
  10. By lacking in health I mean if you have too low max hp like under 1k.
  11. reaper falchion + 50k kill revenant armor+ mending wand=soloing tier4 revenant horror (75sec bosskill)
  12. welp... i tried this today (when server had 30k+ ppl, its laggy and i just cant know my health, i died like from the 0.5sec delay, and he dealed 500 damage in the 0.5sec delay wtf), i got 1100 health (all souls except nether place's), still died cuz of lag
  13. You can basically kill it in farmers suit if you have Mana flux.
  14. record it and let us see, i am waiting
  15. It was a joke but Mana flux is op.
  16. well yes, you get like 50 mana/regen with very wise set

    btw just soloed a T4 revenant
    setup: very wise armor, AOTD, zomb sword crit3, str5
    result: becuz of lag (30k+ ppl in sb) and lack of damage, zombie sword healing cannot catch up with damage taken, died when the boss is with 200k/1500k health left (12sec left)
    suggestion: play when not lag, get mana orb first, get another ppl to do damage for you too, also pretty impossible to kill T4 boss with no godly reforge, so dont try it at home
  17. I mean you can easily solo the t4 revenant with the revenant armour, and the broodfather with the tarantula armour if you upgrade the defence enough

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