1. Introduction
    Welcome! This guild is focused on Skywars, Classic Games and Murder Mystery but we play many other games - having a guild full of members enjoying their time and helping out on Hypixel would be great for others and supportive. Looking to grow and max the shop, the more the better!

    MOTD: ❌
    Tag: ❌
    Member Limit: 25

    • Don't be rude to other members inside or outside the guild
    • Don't rage in chat or overuse capitals
    • If you want to argue with somebody, take it to PMs instead of flooding the guild chat
    • Don't spam

    • Have Discord
    • Be active - tell us if you will be inactive and for how long

    250 wins
    750 kills

    -Murder Mystery-
    100 wins
    250 kills

    -Classic Games-
    Play occasionally

    I'll reply within a day or two, be patient.
    • IGN:
    • Timezone:
    • Why would you like to join?:
    • Do you have Discord?:

    Good luck! Hot art..
    Guild Banner.jpg

    10/10 thread yeah
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  2. mel is mean
  3. Good luck with the guild! :D
  4. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Well-Known Member

    snazzy guild you got there
  5. Thanks :D
  6. apparently whatever i said was spammy or advertisey or rude (i suspect rude) so im here to tell you taht lots of people love you despite the fact taht you actually reek and ye

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