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  1. Hey everyone!

    100Votes!!! 90% Yes Votes!!!
    Hopefully, the Admins will consider adding this!

    Edit: Helper Lapis, 85% Yes Votes, Positive Feedback, Changes to Game mode
    Edit 2: 90% Yes votes, general tweaks to the thread

    So, after much feedback and support from the bed wars forums, I've been working on an official thread to go to the Ideas and Feedback Section.

    The original thread got plenty of upvotes on the poll, showing there would be a lot of support for this dream mode.
    There is a clear opinion that Armed should be replaced by this mode. However, castle might be a better option. It's impossible to complete the castle dream quest and the games just drag on.

    So what is Retro bed wars?

    Retro Bed Wars would be a dream game on the rotation. It has the same goal as normal bed wars (to break beds/ final kill) but it's reverted to version 0.1)

    (I don't own the pictures)
    This is the spawn of Retro Mode. As you can see, players start with a wooden pickaxe as they did in the original version. However, all the bugs (like the villager one) would be fixed for the game.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Throughout bed wars history, the shop has been one of the most updated parts of the game.
    Sandstone would come back, and shop prices would change a lot. Many people would be surprised at the changes in the game over the almost 3 years of Hypixel Bed Wars.

    The mode would also mean the diamond updates, such as iron forge would change to coal forge. Pickaxes don't level down when you die with them, and swords would not spawn with you. The game would also have no invis footprints but that could be too overpowered for the game. However, because there are more emerald generators, obsidian would be easier to get, therefore they counter each other.

    However, if the quick-buy menu is on the game, then not all the items (such as magic milk) would be available. So we could either get rid of the quick-buy or just blank out the items which aren't available.

    While Treenan may have been the only map at this time, we could add a few more. As there were 3 emerald generators at this time, maps would need a solid middle island to make the emeralds accessible.

    The game would be popular with the older players for the nostalgia, however, all players would enjoy the different style of gameplay and the experience of og bed wars.

    This dream mode would be popular because, like Rush, it isn't a completely different game. Armed and Voidless and Castle Mode aren't popular because they aren't the same game. They have unique mechanics which aren't related to bed wars as much. Whereas rush isn't much different.
    It's like how Turbo Kart Racers, which took lots of time to make, isn't recognisable as Minecraft and failed, whereas sky wars, which took almost no time (relatively) to make, is popular because it's similar to skywars. Technoblade basically said this in one of his videos...

    Naturally, all the bugs would be ironed out so there would be no need to worry about bad games.

    As there are many dream games on rotation, it would take ages for dreams to be on. Originally I had the idea of 2 games being on a week, like this:
    Week 1:
    Ultimate+ Rush
    Week 2:
    Castle + Ultimate
    Week 3:
    Retro + Castle

    However, the bed wars community suggested (and I fully agree) armed should be replaced by Retro. However, it has come to my attention that CASTLE should be replaced with this

    If the 2 game rotation was a thing, there should be a lobby update where using commands and recommending fuller lobbies would be a thing. But that's something else.

    To get a better look, for those who didn't play at the time, Preston, Landon, and a few other YouTubers have videos from this time. Just look up Hypixel Bedwars Prototype and you should be able to find some videos on classic bedwars :)

    I thought of this idea long ago but I never got round to posting it on the forums.

    So, please comment on any feedback or suggestions which I can add to the post. If you guys like it, be sure to reply to the poll and like the post so it gets lots of views!

    Thank you for everyone who gave feedback in the previous post
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    @ObviouslyYes (I missed your tag)

    @Hypixel Player Council @ConnorLinfoot @FiReTaPs @BernieSander @JustMini @Ameston

    Thanks for reading :)
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  2. lookin good.
    hope this gets added soon
    also i think you meant armed should be replaced by this.
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  3. sevs

    sevs Active Member

    Bridgers BRIDGE
    wait wtf they got rid of sandstone? i never knew that LOL

    good idea tho
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  4. MS-DOS

    MS-DOS Active Member


    that would be awesome
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  5. Azael_Mew

    Azael_Mew Member

    Amazing idea, hope it gets added
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  6. Yeah sandstone got replaced by clay, which was definitely a better choice for the colour scheme

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  7. :)
  8. :)
  9. both are horrible defense choices though if you have a pickaxe iron or better it’s just instantly gone, and wood is also really fast

    edit: even with your hand it’s fast lol
  10. Yeah, I'd only use them for big defences
  11. I have you feedback where my tag, idc but add this
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  12. This is so good that it should be a separate game so you can pay it all the time and they can dad quest for it like 'Break 15 beds in retro mode'
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  13. replace 4v4 with it. quest seems weird tho
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  14. yes do but maybe 4v4 can be a dream and retro can be a seperate gamemode¬!
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  15. I’m gonna put this link in my signature so hopfully more people will notice!
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  16. It would depend on if the demand for that is high for the new crowd, or if they would just want to continue playing current BW.
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  17. Thanks man :)
  18. It's a dream game so people would play it for the quests
  19. this is a long shot but maybe it’ll get added later today when the dreams mode changes. probably not, just putting the idea out there
  20. Yeah I'd doubt it this early, maybe on Bed Wars Alpha's anniversary

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