1. This is a forum you don't have to write letters. You must write a 10,000,000 word essay.
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  2. Oh, well i am new here, so i am sorry for that xd
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  3. @_XHarley_QuinnX_ One question, can you make a Texturepack for the arcade game zombies? Maybe with the same 3d models? Qualitatively, the weapons (except for the G36) are really good and I would like to use it not only in CVC.
  4. dude you can do it manually just switch the items around to the right item for zombies in the resource pack folder
  5. Well, there is no rocket launcher in CVC, and all weapons from the weaponchest are not included in CVC. But it would be totally awesome if the missing weapons are reproduced in the quality like the other weapons.
  6. that honestly seems like a lot of extra work
  7. If I can I would like to help
  8. I was thinking about doing that next xD

    I have made a rocket launcher yesterday.
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  9. I did not make the guns in 3d from hypixel
    I made them models myself from pictures xD
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  10. emmm It seems something worng
    First, AK47's first-person perspective is too small(looks like a pistol not a assault rifle)
    And DesertEagle's model is MagnumRevolver's, etc.
  11. I know the ak was a bit too small. I did fix it but I forgot to put it in the dropbox to fix that.
    U can choose in the lobby what gun u use though owo
  12. Resourcepacks are relevant
  13. Totally not an old resourcepack or anything
  14. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    Impuritea IMPURE
    wow dis is gud
  15. even if it's old, it's still not old enough to be outdated
  16. resource packs are my favourite part of Minecraft it allows you to change how you see everything and adds creativity into the pvp experience
  17. Done look in my signature
  18. Nice, Harley!
    i remember you working on this back when impurity was still a thing, but nice to see it finished!
  19. Bump cus smoothspam
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