1. i have no clue how people make mods so i dont know much about the difficulty or how to make my own or anything, but a mod i think would be cool is a block amount mod, like a mod that shows how many blocks you have that you can like set to held blocks or specific blocks, maybe even make it so that you can set it to items i dont know, this probably exists so if someone has it or knows of a name for it or smth that can help my search reply or dm me or something i dont know just tell me (smoke signals not accepted as i cant start fires in my yard)
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  2. Check out Orange Marshall's "Vanilla enhancements" mod, it has a counter included
  3. whats the command for that or how do i activate it?
  4. Do you have the mod? if so type /econfig and a menu will pop up, there you can change multiple things

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