1. I hope so
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  2. Ay, gj marsh.
    Wish I could test it out, but I got false banned before this came out so... 20 more days! gj!
  3. hypixel really be downloading hacks to test the feature
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  4. It is currently online atm, but it will be a little bit before it's given to MVP++
  5. if staff would actually look into appeals that would be cool
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  6. Even though I've not been active on the server for a while now, I must say that this is a great feature and will definitely make it so much harder for cheaters to get away with ruining other people's gameplay. Very well done! :)
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  7. Good step in the right direction!
  8. Super cool, it will be more easy to catch the hackers!
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  9. Great idea! Hope it's implementation is flawless, would hate for something with such potential to go to waste.
  10. this is kinda crazy
  11. Yetaloz

    Yetaloz Member

    Oh if that thing could exist in years before hundreds of players could be doing a more proofable appeal and hackers could not lie, it would increase alot how safe it is hypixel, i'm so hyped about this.

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