1. Ok so i just thought came up with a really good idea in my opinion, ok so you can select favourite maps in the skywars map picker, but what if you would have a list where you can add maps that you really dont like, and then everytime you choose to play a random map, it does random except you can't get the maps added to the list. This would also be good since it would be easier to see what maps people dont like so you can remove them.
    Idk what you think but i thought it would be pretty cool k thx bye.
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  2. Femt

    Femt Active Member

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    Good idea :)
  3. Nice idea!
  4. I like the idea and It sounds like it wouldn't be too hard to implement, so great idea.
  5. Eh, would be nice if map select actually worked and matchmaking wasn’t broken
  6. games wouldnt fill as quickly this way, as some people wouldn't be allowed to join certain maps
  7. ComboCookie

    ComboCookie New Member

    This would not be a good idea, this would drive everyone away from half the maps. Then the most popular maps would have the most players so players would go to those ones. Hypixel skywars will lose popularity because all the players who like the unpopular maps might not want to play the maps that everyone would be playing. Imagine if you could pick the map in call of duty every time. It would not be good!
  8. Hmmm maybe you could set a limit for how many maps you can add to the list, like 3?
  9. MrEevee7

    MrEevee7 Well-Known Member

    ive thought about this before, agreed
  10. I'm not sure that's such a big problem though
  11. this system can show which maps are unpopular so it can get removed in the next rotation.
  12. ComboCookie

    ComboCookie New Member

    What about the people who want to play that map? they will end up leaving and not be interested in Hypixel skywars and will go off and find another server.
  13. Booga04

    Booga04 Well-Known Member

    That's an awesome idea! I would love to see this in action.
  14. I can 100% agree with this Idea

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