1. This thing spawns out of nowhere, hits like a truck, and somehow gives enough exp that as soon as I kill it the boss spawns right after when I’m at half health. This has happened 3 times in a row and there’s no indicator for this “sub-boss” to spawn. Why are there even sub-bosses? I just want to fight the tiered boss for the quest that I picked.

    Edit: Or just nerf it’s damage output.
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  2. But it’s really easy to kill even with aote
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  3. do you not have healing/mending wand on your hotbar or something? the mob even has a sound effect before it actually spawns.
  4. I mean, it definitely hits way to hard, but it is one-shot for some people xD
  5. I think you would need a maxed aote for that, and nice profile picture... Arceus is dope
  6. I have a max leaping, but it isn’t hard to kill, it just hurts like hell and drains me right before the actual boss spawns
  7. just dont get hit :shrug:
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  8. As im at half HP the sycophant comes in and makes me waste all my mana on healing ;-; and only gives 1 flesh, then after i kill it and am at 600 hp the horror spawns, and yeets me out of existence. If i wanted to fight a tier 2 i would fight a tier 2, not a sycophant
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  9. If you drop that fast, it simply means you’re not ready for that stage of the game. Get better gear, cause that thing can definitely die in two hits. And work on orbs + wands, don’t rely on your old gear. Tier 3 revenant is easy to solo kill if you have proper gear
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  10. Wise dragon armor
  11. i have wise dragon armor
  12. Pyriz

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    Hijack HIJACK
    lolol the sycophant is the easiest you are such the noobing
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  13. That thing is a piece of cake. I don't know why are you complaining about it.
    The "other" one that spawns at T4 however...
    Not the Champion one, he's easy enough. The Deformed Revenant deals 4x more damage than the actual T4 boss in enraged state, it is fucking insane.
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  14. dont cry, is super ez kill that mini boss XD
  15. Then grind other stuff until u can do slayer it’s not supposed to be very easy I don’t think
  16. I think you missed the point; it's not hard to kill, but it does an unreasonable amount of damage so that it drains me right before i fight the actual boss.
  17. it gives people more of a challenge instead of stabbing crypt ghouls for the entire time
  18. Pyriz

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    lololool the ghoul of the golden has the damager of the higher the sycophant has the 0 of the damager
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  19. speak english please
  20. Just get Revenant armor lol... 1000 defense at 5k kills

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