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  2. I remember no kits and i actually really liked it :) I feel like they should add it back for the people that dosen't have a good kit and they can play no kits to grind some coins for a nice level 10.
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  3. The idea of having a nokits mode is great, however it was removed because no one played it... blitz isn't getting much new players rn so I don't think enough people would bother playing nokit for it to be viable.
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  4. yeah, I miss no kit, its the only sg gamemode I can play without my friends screaming that its not fair everyone gets full iron armor while all they get is leather
  5. KiftsBiggestFan99

    KiftsBiggestFan99 Well-Known Member

    Baker V.

    Nuff said.
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  6. Mixed

    Mixed Member

    nons wildin
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  7. Scout 2 also works
  8. They had no kits mode but after a while no one played it. Now if they implemented it back, that would split the the low player count blitz has. To be honest it would probably just stop filling up pretty quickly again.
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  9. Yeah it was hella dead
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  10. I feel like you should add it back for shorts period of times with other different types of modes like chaos. like they do with brawl mode in uhc.
  11. Because chaos was so good
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  12. I said "like" chaos mode I feel like they could have other unique ideas then just chaos and no kit.
  13. I agree, but It's sad that I agree.
    I played no kits whenever I played blitz.
    But it is a necessary thing.
    Maybe Hypixel should update their games, instead of removing content to increase the player count in the game.
  14. No Kits never filled, as stated previously. It was honestly a very fun gamemode on paper, but in practice, it was honestly kind of ridiculous. The only people who bothered with no kits also had no gamesense or PVP skill, so it was always a free win when it did fill.
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  15. can u guys stop being a bunch of crying babies saying that its not fair for new players ? almost every1 in the blitz community started playing with a low level kit and was up against a really high level kits , but also every1 practiced and gained coins . if you really want to play this game , go to duels or something and work on your pvp skills after that choose a kit u want to play with and grind for it.
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  16. Toupan

    Toupan Well-Known Member

    Questing QUEST
    Are y'all forgetting that no kits died? There's a reason they removed it.

    And how is it unfair? There's equality of opportunity. And almost every game on hypixel is the same way, but how come people don't cry about skywars?
    I mean, at least blitz doesn't have perks. If you ask me skywars is more unfair.
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  17. Jasper_03

    Jasper_03 Active Member

    This is why they added the blitz star! Just use it on the best player. Robin hood is 10 or 20k? Thats cheap to unlock for New players. It's less common to find it at mid now to.

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