1. Okay, so when it's a close 1v1, trading hits, and then all th opponent does is just spam flint and steal to watch me burn. Not only that but if you are on fire you'll have to wait till it wears off, not even water to extinguish the fire. Just, please remove flint and steel from classic duels or at least add water buckets to counter it. I hope a change can happen, until then, classic is a pain.
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  2. no that’s a mechanic of classic pvp your just trash
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  3. jddn

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    Pulling no punches holy cow.
  4. that’s being plain honest, that’s been in classic pvp since the pvp community was founded
  5. Yobo124

    Yobo124 Active Member

    then don't fall for it? spam fns back? not really sure what the problem is
  6. If you don't understand the issue, you don't play duels enough.
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  7. Yobo124

    Yobo124 Active Member

    Your issue is that you keep walking into the fire. The solution is don't walk into the fire, and if you do fns them back. Just don't rush them as if you are invincible.
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  8. Don’t walk to the fire
  9. I don't have to walk on the fire to get on fire ;)
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  10. I guess you could say some people just want to watch the world burn.
  11. Grantro

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    I prefer to play with FnS. It adds another survival games element to the otherwise very simple Classic Duels.

    For future reference, you should post threads like this in the Duels subforum or the Ideas & Feedback subforum.
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  12. It really isn’t hard to avoid flint and steel. Like if you see a player holding flint and steel just move back a little and avoid it, and if you see a block of fiery fire... you don’t step in it.
  13. Thats the Classic Version of Pvp
    So Pvp was more clever and stuff back then, more "creative" in my opinion

    Before hard core bridging, cps, ping, extreme hacking, and stuff like that were big things
  14. HPWizard

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  15. Or you can just accept your faith and lose the game.
  16. I love when I accept my faith to lose a game.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Flint and steel have from the beginning been a part of pvp. I don't think they will ever change that.

    Simply just learn to use it yourself, it's not that hard.
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  19. Stop, drop and roll
  20. No, it's fine.

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