1. If you have trouble finding a certain dependency because it is either outdated or incompatible with your Java version, then you can always try to google the class path. This usually gives you a couple of links to for example the GitHub that contains the sources or the CI server so you can download the latest/best version of the library you need.
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  2. Just to let you know, there were no classes really missing, it was a bug in my eclipse ( I guess ), but the translation ( and addaptation ) I am makeing right now is much liter. Also it will be compatible for any Java VM implementation, while there is a File System and an internet access. Sorry if I disappoint you, but I prefer this method. There are no dependencies, because I already integrated in the sources the only external library I use (gson, by Google, to decode and encode json Strings).
  3. Well I'm glad to see some active people in this thread :D
    I don't think it is a bug in eclipse. I think the main problem is the intigration of netty.
    The files seem to be a bit outdated but I'm not to sure on this.
    I'm looking forward to see some of your stuff. Using GSON to decode the files from the server
    is the way to go. I don't have that much time (uni, gf and random stuff) but if you need help with some code or if you just
    want another person to look over your code I can help a bit.
    Last but not least: Thank you for your work!
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