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  1. I've grown to hate dupers. I spent 240+ hours grinding for stuff and later got hacked when these clowns can just go around duping superior armor and midas swords.
  2. I lost a bat person helmet when I shift clicked it out of my enderchest around the time of the lockdown, so I'm not sure if it was related to it or not. didn't get it back tho so I'm guessing it wasn't
  3. None of mine got rolled back all of my tarantula stuff is gone and my ender armor is still duped u can check my fourm post here:
  4. Thank you very much Hypixel :)
  5. ur signature amazes me
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  6. i swear if u dont release dungeons im gonna make a terrorist band in skyblock xD
  7. Tempest_tv

    Tempest_tv Member

    admins, great job dealing with the sudden problem!
    also, the number 1 question:
    WHEN DUNGEONS????????
  8. EragonRyu

    EragonRyu New Member

    yeah, I had the disappearing glitch and I didn't get my 3/4 godly strong back or my tara helmet
  9. i appreciate yes
  10. I think the whole thing was handled extremely poorly at the onset and that transparency as @Hypixel later provided should have been presented much earlier than it was. I'm relatively new to Hypixel and to be honest only joined for Skyblock specifically...and I hope going forward that things will become a bit less chaotic than how things were handled for this issue. Thank you, and keep up the good work! <3
  11. Thank you guys for actually dealing with this properly, the community gives this staff team way too hard a time
  12. Thanks guys!
  13. I’m still blocked from skyblock without a proper reason, can an admin give me an answer?
  14. ExDiggers

    ExDiggers New Member

  15. Bombylious

    Bombylious New Member

    Thank GOODNESS
  16. You're lucky the dupe went widespread quickly, if just 1 guy knew about it he could've duped trillions of coins worth of items and then slowly spread them throughout the server
  17. gb81

    gb81 Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THORN
  18. Irys_

    Irys_ New Member

    Thank you, keep doing amazing work boss
  19. My max strong drag boots sold for 890k because of this, but you know what, at the end of the day the problem was fixed and the staff team did an amazing job! Thanks!
  20. What about pigical?
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