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  1. I am kinda confused because this morning eastern time I was able to access it but then it kicked me now I can't join at all. What the hell is going on?
  2. ok so i still cant get onto skyblock
  3. same man
  4. Hi regarding this i have had a message pop up every time i warp to an island it says one of your items was removed/disabled
    I do not know why but this was after the bug fixed but the thing is i never used the glitched please tell me what is happening and what can i do thank you
  5. JFan

    JFan Well-Known Member

    Paradise Islands PARA
    ‘Everyone is unblocked’

    Pigicial: Am I a joke to you?
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  6. I lost full strong and full mastiff to this glitch. I made i bug report the second i lost my stuff so i dont know how the admins didnt see that i lost it. I spent hours grinding for the money to buy that and ive talked to admins and they refuse to rollback my account or help me.
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  7. I never got my mastiff set back that I accidentally lost...
  8. BlackEyes_VN

    BlackEyes_VN New Member

    Hi Admin , after the fixed update , Some of my items in my backpack are gone and I dont know why it dissapear , so pls can you rollback all the stuff in my backpack ? ty
  9. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    And people who dropped dupe items on the ground? Can that be tracked or?
  10. Thanks for the work that has been made.
  11. Imagine if someone got overflux 1 minute before server shutdown, got rollbacked after maintenance and lost his overflux drop and would have to test his luck again
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  12. Thanks for the notice!
  13. Estaba matando lobos en ese momento,At that time I was killing wolves, then I kickea, and when I re-enter I find the case that I lost my pigman sword and my Tarantula armor with 19,000 kills :(
  14. Maybe what you bought was the product of the glitch. RIP
  15. Finally
  16. Lordols

    Lordols New Member

    Thanks that glitch was game breaking
  17. There’s probably some poor soul out there who got an overflux capacitor and got rolled back...
  18. Lesson learned: Never carry backpacks to school.
  19. I still can't join Skyblock for some reason, It still said "Under Investigation for exploiting" Soo should I wait for more time? Or what else should I do??? HELPPPPPPP I JUST WANT TO GRIND SOME SLAYERs

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