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  1. Hey everyone.

    This post is about what happened last night.

    We decided in the evening to fix a critical error, sadly the fix came with an even worse error.

    For a period of about 30 minutes in the middle of the night, players were able to put a backpack in their Hotbar and equip it to their heads (assuming they were not wearing a helmet). This caused the backpack menu to open at the same time it moved to the head, causing a lot of weird behavior. This allowed players to duplicate items but also caused players to lose items if done by mistake.

    When we found out, we shut down SkyBlock and blocked any players who logged in for a while before the issue started so they couldn't trade duplicated items around. Until this very minute, these players have been unable to join SkyBlock. We would like to take a moment to apologize regarding this - we're aware a lot of players who were not even aware of the issue were blocked, but please understand this was necessary to control what happened.

    We have since fixed the issue - rather quickly too, however, we have been spending all these hours going through data to figure out who was affected and what was lost (or gained), and this is the conclusion we have come to.

    A small number of players who have been blocked during this period of time had to have their data rolled back sometime before the issue started. I can't say exactly what time, as this will differ between players. For some, it'll be 45 minutes, for others it might be 1 hour, that much is impossible for us to say. This will ensure any duplicated items are deleted, while any lost items are restored. At the time of this message, the rollbacks have been completed. There should no longer be any players blocked from playing SkyBlock.

    In the future, we will be working on a stronger backup solution to better ensure we can quickly react to these issues and get things under control faster. We again would like to apologize for the amount of time this took.
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  2. Thanks, we understand the situation, we trusted the hypixel team
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  3. Simpliste

    Simpliste Active Member

    Thank you
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  4. third lol
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  5. No problem
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  6. Thank you!
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  7. yay, hmm no punishments funky
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  8. ow
    tysm for the transparency
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  9. something being done to dupers? im dreaming. very cool
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  10. Thanks,
    and to all those admins who spent their entire night fixing this issue. Good night ! Enjoy your sleep you deserve it.
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  11. I wish I would've duped if the only punishment given is a rollback wtf
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  12. thx for banning me 513451345 hours for afking on limbo
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  13. You'd probably be banned. Or just the duped items deleted. By rollback, they meant the players who lost their items trying to dupe.
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  14. What happened
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  15. dupe glitch they fixed made a even worse glitch.
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  16. DoggyDoge

    DoggyDoge Well-Known Member


    I got blocked from joining for ages even though I wasn’t even on
  17. Thank you, after 12 hours of no update or word, for finally letting people know where you are at!
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  18. inb4 everyone cries about their lost items. it happens, deal with it.
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  19. lets goooo
  20. You guys handled this better than any previous issues, so great job! Hopefully the future situations are handled even better!
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