1. 2_ted

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    Guild Master
    I haven't been on in at least one week :(
  2. Keep up giving quality , btw I hope minor bugs are fixed to have a better playing experience
  3. Ninguart

    Ninguart New Member

    Yeah.. I got false banned, and I don't know if that's the issue? Didn't get the thread much tbh
  4. LiquidTom

    LiquidTom New Member

    I apriciate the staff trying to fix the problem as fast as they can.
    You also said you will be limiting player count but right now on the skyblock there is 25 000 people.
    Today and yesterday morning there were only 3 000 to 10 000 people.
    And even then when it was under 5 000 people no ranks still werent allowed in.
  5. Thank you for working so fast team!! lots of respect!
  6. I love how you're fixing this but please just... It's really annoying, that's all I can say.
  7. They removed the limits earlier today. The limits were just temporary as they worked to resolve core issues.
  8. I am glad they let us know about this stuff.
  9. no nons allowed
  10. MeanBeanMachine

    MeanBeanMachine New Member

    i actually have an issue,i play with cracked since i can't afford or even have a credit card in the first place,so i booted up my cracked multiplayer support launcher,opened 1.13.2 minecraft and made a slot or whatever it is for hypixel,there was the icon,and everything,when i click "Join Server" it logs in,then:
    "Failed to log in: the authentication are currently down for maintenance."
    it doesn't even look like its down if 51,000 players are online,i don't know what to do,keep in mind im using a cracked minecraft.
    what should i do? i really want to play hypixel since it will be my real first MC server after some other russian server where i didn't understand a thing so i got a permban.
    Hope you help me asap! anyone could reply with a solution,but don't be a troll.
  11. MeanBeanMachine

    MeanBeanMachine New Member

    Not just Hypixel,its EVERY SERVER EVER that i try to sign into,how to solve please?
  12. Cracked versions of Minecraft are not compatible with Hypixel. You will need a legitimately purchased Java edition of the game to join the server.
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  13. Will duels queues be fixed when this is fixed?
  14. SgtHomeGomer

    SgtHomeGomer New Member

    First a huge thx for having an awesome experience playing Skyblock and second i really appreciate the way u guys communicate directly to the player base. Always informative, humble and short version of what ur doing with the option to read dev thingies (maybe a tad more technical :)). Proud to be a member of ur non-toxic (in Skyblock) player base!

    Keep up the good work improving the game and the tech stuff beneath!

  15. Good luck! Thanks for informing us!
  16. I lost a unenchanted aspect of the end and an enchanted blaze rod by selling it in the auction house worth around 340k please help (when everyone started having errors in the ah)
  17. i was wondering what was going on keep it up!
  18. Glad its being worked on

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