1. Thanks for letting us know! Take your time fixing it and try to give the community the best possible experience!!
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  2. control x skyblock
  3. connor731lol

    connor731lol New Member

    im really thankful to the admin,but i just wanna to ask will the no rank player avaliable to play skyblock soon?(after you have fixed the probelm).
  4. DAT HAPPENED TO ME I LOST 100KKKK!!! But yea, thanks for trying to fix it. Completely understand.
  5. A lot of people see the lag and glitches on the server and assume that the staff is just being negligent, but it is nice to see that the server is still being tended to and constantly fixed. Thanks for helping to keep Minecraft as the greatest game of all time!
  6. Thank you for this update! It's great that the team is trying their best to relay as much information as they can to us.
  7. Thanks for letting everyone know the problem.
  8. Yip very good and very nice
  9. How long is it limited for?
  10. I hope the nons read this and stop complaining
  11. NotFunny

    NotFunny Well-Known Member

    only if some nons would read this...
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  12. Nothing about wins and winstreaks not counting in Duels or wins and kills in Murder Mystery (been on going for 1-2 months with countless threads and bug reports)?
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  13. Skyblock isn’t Duels, Bedwars or Murder Mystery. This thread is about skyblock problems.
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  14. jevmen

    jevmen New Member

    im the 6700 in queue but the server go well
  15. Nice bedroom
  16. When are you going to let SkyBlock be for unranked players as well
  17. One quick question, does player's action in housing affect the status of skyblock?
  18. My minions probably all fulled since I cant play skyblock these days
  19. Get those coders coding but remember to feed them enough Ramen or they will go on strike.
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  20. o_O

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