1. It may be that with this post you do not understand why the server is limited. As for the handling of the amount of data that this server has, I was seeing that they use GO as part of their backend, I know that it is difficult to write a whole backend from scratch, but to keep in mind, ERLANG is also a good language of programming for concurrency and data management, a good example of use would be the majority of telephone servers that use Erlang as a backend, or the best known WHATSAPP, which a team of 11 engineers manages on their servers several billion messages per minute I don't expect to change anything with this but it's always good to inform
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  2. Where was this transparency when you planned on deleting Skyclash six months in advance, or decided to start skipping games updates? I am glad you are being open, but please be open in more places than skyblock.
  3. Maybe, the load of more than 50k players isn't manageable for the machine or the program?

    I have no real idea about this, it's just some speculation
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    Hurry up, or we revolt.
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  5. even though this thread talks about skyblock, it did reference housing, one of my favorites.
    I did notice that there was a... bug... see, when i go into the housing menu and go to where i can visit other housing, there is no way to tell what that housing is about, for example, instead of a "Magic Hs RP", it'd just say "[MVP] xFqllenSnow247x's house" .
  6. I know that capping the playercount will not make some players happy, but I’m very glad the Administration took this opportunity to actively work to quell any more serious issue before they occur rather than waiting to do damage control after.
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  7. Thanks for all the work you and the dev team are doing. I do have a quick question, I created a thread about all of the items on my island disappearing , do you know if this may be related to the recent networking issues?
  8. Hopefully when it's next summer, Hypixel can get as many players as possible without the network issues. :)
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    Infamy INFAMY
    nons did it
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  10. I hope you find the issues as soon as possible, for your sanity as well as our own.
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  11. Good luck :D
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    Where the toxic squad complaining about the player cap at?
  13. ok, as long it wont shut down its fine, dont cry. there are many nons complaining but, they dont understand. u dont need to care about them. spoiled kids... we love u hypixel. even tho ur laggy :D
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    Thanks for the transparency in all of this, I know we all appreciate the countless hours you all put into this and understand how stressful it must be. Hope to see this all fixed up soon and smoothly
  17. This is an outrage, you think that the only way to limit players is to only give access to players with VIP AND ABOVE!? I played this game so long and now i have to buy the stupid rank to play it?! I am not comming back until its free to ALL players!
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