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    Hello. As many of us learned in the mechanics of Minecraft know, there is a 0.5 second delay between each hit in Minecraft. However, as some of you have observed, people tend to hit faster than that. Why is that, you may ask? Well, I'm here to hopefully clear that up for you. You see, I have observed a latency in damage dealing weapons that actually increases the speed at which your enemy dies. Let's say you have a Combo Damage 3 sword. You're hitting your enemy and then suddenly, you notice that you've hit him twice somehow. This is likely due to a latency in the time it takes the CD 3 bonus to actually inflict damage on the opponent. I have compiled the following list of items that I believe do just that.

    - Combo Damage 1-3.
    - Gamble 1-3.
    - Perun's Wrath 1-3.
    - Billionaire 1-3. (Thank you superstampy127!)
    - Kung Fu (there is a very odd glitch behind this, I believe Critical Hits have some sort of latency somehow? It's very odd.)
    - Prick 1-3 (oChill has suggested this be added, but I'm not sure if the mechanic behind it is intentional or not.)

    Anywho, this is my theory on the matter. If anyone has anything to add, please state in the comments. My objective is to keep these as accurate as possible, so please do call me out on anything I do incorrectly. See ya in spawn.
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  2. It has something to do with hit registration and the system hypixel implemented for hit delay problems.
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  3. This is actually dependent on how the server registers it, if the server is laggy it might take longer, as the tickspeed might be lower, translating your .5 second delay to 10 ticks.
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  5. Sometimes the ping increases to 10 000+ ms, everything freezes, then you will have 15 hits on your body per second (almost instant death).
  6. yeah it always looks weird when that happens, quite a common occurrence with kung fu but at least no extra damage is happening.
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    You forgot billionaire
  8. hmm.. I still a bit confused
  9. Basically any perk or weapon that does more damage than its base damage, doesn't always get worked out all at once when you hit someone. It looks like you've attacked someone twice within the space of one attack but it's just the server adding the extra damage onto your base hit.
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    And then there’s me, using completely normal gear but still having 1/2 hits not register
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  11. What do you mean, No extra damage is happening. If you "double hit" a person effectively you are doubling your damage.
  12. Just the fact the server doesn't work out ever perk/weapon at once, so sometimes there is a slight delay in the whole amount of damage for 1 hit happening. Say I hit someone with a diamond sword for 8 damage, but I also have first strike; sometimes this damage will appear one after the other quickly, in slightly more time than 1 hit.
  13. actually, if you preform a double click, which is 2 clicks in very VERY fast succession not 2 clicks at the same point in time, almost like click, 1 or 2 ticks later another click. This can indeed do a "double" hit. I have tested it without first strike and i do not believe it makes a difference. i have used a fresh sword, diamond sword, axes, and bows (hitting), and all of them are able to preform a double hit because of this weird way of clicking. I do not promote this type of clicking as i think it is somewhat punishable to a certain degree. Thanks


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