1. I just want admins and moderators to see this because I am really desperate. I rencently got prestige skeleton and I would love to get prestige enderman but I can’t so please could mega walls add refunds to the game. 3 refunds would be fine and also they should be lifetime refunds. Please
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  2. Jovihi

    Jovihi Well-Known Member

    Dawned DAWNED
    Just think before you prestige a class you don’t like
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  3. just play lol, took me like 2 weeks to get 250k
  4. grinding 250k is the easiest thing lmao
  5. That refund rule sounds familiar from a really bad game...
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  6. You’re so “dedicated” you changed your username to it. That’s actually really sad.
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  7. cant really argue with this. Your always right
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  8. i agree i could have pres 4 snowman by now if i ididnt buy any othe rupgrades agrreed
  9. I got 20 prestiges and still have some I don’t know why I prestiged them, just deal with it and think before you spend it all lol
  10. Ok I’m sorry

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