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    Here is a part of Hypixels patch notes on Tower Wars:

    There's a total of 28 ranks, 1 rank for all monsters in the game. Everyone starts as a SilverFish and can go up to the highest rank, Death Rider!

    To progress from one rank to another, you need to get stars. You get stars by playing the game and the change in your stars will depend to your place at the end of the game:

    First place: +3 stars
    Second place: +1 star
    Third place: +0 stars
    4th to 6th: -1 star


    You can not lose any stars before reaching the Wolf rank (rank 23).
    From rank 10 and above, the first place only gains +2 stars.
    Death Rider is the last available rank and has no stars limit!
    The game is still in the Prototype lobby, so ranking might be reset!

    Note the red. It states that "From rank 10 and above" meaning the numerical rank that you have (28-1) you start to only get 2 stars on a win yet I am rank 18 (which is 10 away from the start) and I only get 2 stars per win. I assume that the patch notes are written incorrectly and should state "From rank 18 and above" since that is the actual rank you start to only get 2 stars off of a win.

    Just a little picky thing I noticed on the patch notes :)
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  2. Yeah it was poorly worded. Should he worded as you put it or "from the 10th rank and up.
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    Will edit the thread, thanks for feedback

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