1. Flightlover

    Flightlover Active Member

    I’ve had this elevator built for a while now, but I thought it would be cool to showcase it here. This took so much time to design and perfect the timings that I almost stopped building it for a while. Please note this was created on the Bedrock Edition.


    This model has five floors to choose from, and can get you there within thirty seconds, if I remember correctly. So, what makes this so different from the hundreds of other elevators that exist? This can go up AND down between floors, when most can either only go up, down, or only between two floors.


    Not the most compact and organized since this was only the testbed for the absolutely enormous beast of the fifteen floor model that is still in development.

    I can’t think of anything else to say about it (best showcase ever), I’m open for questions or advice.
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  2. SirWessels

    SirWessels Active Member

    Could you make a showcase video? I would love that!
  3. Flightlover

    Flightlover Active Member

    Possibly could. It would be my first time properly editing and uploading a video, but i’ll be pretty busy for the next few weeks and I could work on it here and there.
  4. This looks good, but I still just prefer the usage of commands/functions :)
  5. Flightlover

    Flightlover Active Member

    Depends on how it would be used. Why have a teleportation elevator almost anyone could make when you could wow :eek: your friends with this?
  6. You make a really smooth and nice lift with the help of shulker boxes, like Noxcrew did.
    It doesn't necessarilly have to be teleportation ;)
  7. rafk

    rafk Active Member

    That was a really good one! I can only imagine how hard it was to make all this machinery work(and design it!)
    Nice job, Flightlover! ^^
  8. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    I will just sit down and hold my hype for the fifteen floor one
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  9. good job! really nice creation :)
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  10. Looks complex! Nice job, and I know this reply is late, sorry!
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  11. Flightlover

    Flightlover Active Member

    Thanks for all the support! I’ve been busy for a while and finally have some time to work on the project more. You can expect to see a showcase video for the five-floor within the next week and maybe even a progress update on the fifteen-floor.

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