1. I need this for the development of my calculator.
    1. Is there a cap on this weapons ability? (probably because it would be way too op without)
    2. what is the exact maximum of extra strength you can get on that weapon?
    3. Where did you get that information? Please I need sources...

    The only thing i found on the web is that:
    But sadly there is no source ...
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  2. I killed 15k spiders and the fang had a bonus strength of 370 and could not go higher. It still can be hot potato book to increase strength. the max strength on the weapon will therefor be 30base + 20 hpbook + 370 bonus giving 420 strength. The bonus strength is only when fighting spiders.
    As a note i imputed the stats of the weapon into a calculator and was getting the wrong damage projection while it gave the correct damage when using my aotd.
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  3. is it better than aotd?
  4. I was doing more damage with my aotd hitting a spider but only more by 1 or 2 hundred damage on a critical. My aotd is full hp books and sharp 5 and the recluse fang had 3 hp books and bane 5.
    Fighting anything but a spider the recluse fang bonus strength is useless.
  5. It works on the boss right?

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