Do You want the death rider rebalanced?

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  1. So me and my friend have been playing a lot of the tower wars, we have come into an issue I think, and that issue is the death rider, from what I have heard the death rider is supposed to end the game and for every game I have played it has done the exact opposite, the death rider is well, overpowered for the price and what the issues with it is that it almost ignores towers that slow them down it makes towers obsolete and in the end game all that matters is income because of this, because they just respawn all that happens is that both teams start spamming death riders like crazy making it so no one loses or gains life basically because all that happens is they gain a life from the death rider and lose one from the enemies, and if it gets even later in the game everything become obsolete except income so it just become a war of who can get the most income to buy the most death riders, me and my friend were playing a game of teams and the game would of maybe lasted 15 minutes but because of the death riders the game was stretched out very long, the game would of lasted around 15 minutes instead it lasted 40 because of the death riders just slowly giving an advantage to a team but then that team loses the advantage and that is all of the game meta and i dislike that MAJORLY so overall me and my friend think that the death rider should be rebalanced, maybe you make it so endermen effect it or it costs 5 mil or make it so you require an income of 1mil to get it but in its current start I think the death rider is broken and stretches out games, but despite the Death rider issue me and my friend have found the game extremely enjoyable I think that the only issue with it is the death riders because they are the entire endgame meta, some suggestions i would have is being able to upgrade the tower limit by paying 1 mil or something for 1 more slot because end game those extra slots would really help and wouldn't be that expensive
    I will take suggestions
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  2. NeverGuy

    NeverGuy Active Member

    They should be rebalanced and should be affected by the Enderman tower.
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  3. I will use that, great suggestion thank you
  4. SkyrimX

    SkyrimX New Member

    Yes, the death rider just walks through slime towers, making him completely invincible, I tried lots of ways to stop him, and none of them have worked, there is no strong tower in the game to kill him, also, there is a way to kill him, but it would be too unrealistic, and hard to do, in fact incredibly hard.

    I've lost many games due to people just spamming, (for an unknown reason, somehow someway) 60-70 death riders (I don't even know how, considering the income was 1Mil).
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  5. MarcosSegon

    MarcosSegon Active Member

    In my opinion, Death Rider should get a cost reduction while also reducing your income, rather than keeping it the same, this way you will have to plan when it is a good moment to send those and when it isn't, as it will end the game and make you win, or if you messed up your calculations, it will backfire at you

    Also that it would end up sort of fixing the biggest issue in this game, which is the speed you gain income at, if you're the first one to send mobs, you already won the game as there is no way you can catch up because all mobs give the same amount of income per gold, so you can't reach the enemy's income value at all for the rest of the game, And I don't think that benefits a game about strategy
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  6. Endermen affect would be extremely effective if you could use it against the Death Rider, I would say nerf the speed of Death Rider and also don’t make it invincible against Slimes (Most Likely Sticky Tower if you have survived this far) but make it resistant like the slime effect is instead of 100% to 20% that way it can slow down making it killable, also a bug with Death Rider is that literally when the Death Rider count starts getting bigger a Death Rider might just flat out freeze out of nowhere so make sure that it keeps moving all the time without it freezing
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  7. I played a game with my brother a couple games ago and a similar situation happened. (Although it took ~20 minutes when we got to that part.)

    But just like you said, I ended up winning because my income was higher. (Although he could've won if he just sent normal mobs. He was owning me with those.)
    And yeah, I play way too risky. xd
  8. Literally every match ever
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  9. MarcosSegon

    MarcosSegon Active Member

    He may be owning you, but your income would be much higher, and because of that, it wouldn't be any problem to build a good set of towers inmediately, so unless the enemy launched an attack you can't defend at time against, you're likely to get back to the top
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  10. Even if you do build more towers, the Death Rider comes by so fast you can barely do anything
  11. MarcosSegon

    MarcosSegon Active Member

    Yeah but he is the one with higher income, if anything, he would be the one sending the Death Rider
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  12. Yeah, I need to start learning how to multi-task faster. (Placing towers while also managing waves.)
  13. I'm pretty sure death riders were just implemented to finish the game so the game doesn't last a long time. I may be wrong, however.
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  14. SkyrimX

    SkyrimX New Member

    There is a reason why there is a 60:00 timer at the top part of the scoreboard.
  15. Ah, only played this a few times. Thanks for enlightening me.
  16. Would like to see an income penalty for death riders
  17. I kinda like them. Ends games quickly.
  18. Instead of sending death rider every time, you spam running igs. It works
  19. Death Rider is meant to be unstoppable so the game can end lol
  20. So I just wanted to go ahead and chime in on this thread real quick as I know there's gonna be a lot of posts about "*MOB* should be nerfed!!!"

    Death Riders were made to end the game, hence why they are crazily overpowered. If they were at least effected by Endermen or Slimes, that would be cool - but completely nerfing them kinda defeats their original purpose. Even so, there are ways to win even if the other team starts spawning death riders first, so long as you are able to quickly gain income. That being said, I hope this clears things up at least a bit? I know it's not much, but hopefully it's something.

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