1. 1.) loses 1v1 to every kit if it tps through a wall
    2.) if someone has anti kB or takes less knockback than they should you lose the fight
    3.) if you log out you are pretty much fucked
    4.) every single kit can out trade it
    5.) renegade is literally enderman with a bow that also has more melee dmg
    6.) why play enderman when spider exist
    7.) a pig man at 5 hearts will beat you in a hole if it procs valor 1 time
    8.) if you don’t get a dia sword don’t even try to fight a zombie, golem, cow, pig, dreadlord, spider, assasin, and even automaton. You win none of those 1v1s
    9.) if you tp to chase someone you won’t get your tp back before you run out of speed
    10.) if you don’t have tp you aren’t a player
    11.) if someone you are fighting is cheating and you are not you can do nothing but run
    12.) even if you are cheating and they are too you still won’t win the 1v1 and you will just have to run
    13.) enderchest ability doesn’t even work half the time because of a bug where if u did you die 2 times and it doesn’t activate the second time.
    14.) weakness through blocks shouldn’t be a thing if there is an enderman alive play in a way that won’t get you cleaned up
    15.) the kit is actual dog shit and if you think otherwise you are wrong period
    16.) I’m literally the only good enderman player left and I can’t play the kit anymore because of how useless it is. Don’t try to say stuff like “ohh ur just bad at endy” 5FCB83A8-E4AA-492B-B6FC-730CE1CD705D.jpeg because I’m not.
    Ok now these are some buff ideas that will make enderman useful!
    1.) remove weakness after tping through blocks. The only reason this change was ever added was because people on the forums with final kds of 1 get mad when they get cleaned up after taking a dumb fight. Remove weakness on tp PERIOD
    2.) 20 eph and now shot and no half energy after tp. Again why was this changed? Also why is it 15 eph a bow hit that is the dumbedt thing ever.
    3.) give the kit a diamond sword/sharpness iron. Enderman is so reliant on getting a diamond sword from mid it’s bad like if I don’t get a diamond sword the game is like 5x harder to win.

    Ok that’s all I have to say leave your opinions below but if your final kd is <1 think before you type thank you!!

    @Quatt @Motofreakz @Piano
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  2. Quatt

    Quatt Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    now this is epic
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  3. At least based on quatt's previous thread about endy, adding a diamond sword for the class's kit is honestly way too controversial due to how strong the class can be in the right hands (hacker situation notwithstanding).

    Having a flat 20 EPH throughout is something I have planned down the line, as well as potentially a fix/change for enderman's weakness so it doesn't occur as often, by upping it to 15 blocks instead of 9/10 blocks.

    That can at least be a start, because honestly a big aspect to why enderman is underused/weak is that both its passives are bugged in some way.

    Again, that's what I have planned, but it's not something I can do at the current moment.
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  4. Let's rewrite this:

    1.) So you don't have to turn up as high when you cheat with it
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  5. Yes to everything but the dia sword
  6. Agree with everything. You're smart. :)
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  7. Araexy

    Araexy Active Member

    CartL CARTL
    Honestly should just be reverted to what it was during mythic update
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  8. Can you fix the weakness activating if you teleport thru a 1 block wall with 9 air blocks on one side
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  9. Dual

    Dual Well-Known Member

    literally every other mobility kit has a damaging passive/ability, or a diamond sword :(
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  10. I think even that might be too much. I would just fix the bugs and see how it plays out. Enderman is still very useful on the surface and on skybases. I think unfortunately a lot of people just miss it being really OP like it used to be.
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  11. yes
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  12. It was never really op it’s just people didn’t know how to play against it
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  13. I've been playing only ednerman for 4 years and I can say with no doubt that the kit is unplayable atm...
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  14. The reason giving enderman a diamond sword would be good is because it would help legit players against hackers. You need to get combos with the kit to do anything and against someone who is cheating that isn’t going to happen and an iron sword isn’t going to help much against a 6 blocking pig man with 70% velocity. Sure it would help the cheaters a bit but like if you are legit just stay in an enclosed area and you shouldn’t have a problem
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  15. No I just want to make sure all my clients that I boost are more satisfied
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  16. if u think enderman needs a buff, you play it wrong and bad
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  17. So taking no knockback, no fall damage (even healing from falling sometimes) and constantly being able to teleport wasn't OP? At that point we might as well make Enderman instant kill everyone it hits.
  18. Phoenix? Zombie? Cow?
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  19. Never balance around cheaters.
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  20. Bruh I have over 4K enderman finals and average a 20 final kd with the kit it is just so useless and so hard to do good with
    and why not balance around them when they are majority of the player base?

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