1. Iron Golems (0/5) - Easy to deal with if you know how yet very effective against people that dont know how to deal with them, use these myself tbh.

    TNT (0/5) (camper p.o.v 7/5) - Annoying for campers, cept im not a camper and once again i use these myself so i cant rly say much. Just like igs they're easy to deal with if you know how.

    Silverfish (0.5/5) - first non 0 here, imo they're pretty balanced only problem being that its impossible to hit them bc they bugged, sides that im perfectly fine with them.

    Tryhards (1/5) - I mean not much to say... if they're genuinely better then you, then you cant complain that you lost.

    Lobby 1 liars (1.5/5) - those people in lobby 1 that try to fake there stats to get into good parties, or say they're just alts of x leaderboard player.

    Toxic People (2/5) - Lets be honest, theres plenty of them in the game so at this point you might aswell just learn how to ignore them.

    Blatant Cheaters (2.5/5) - At this point, blatant cheaters are just a case of, lose then move on with life. Yes there are some memorable ones, but its not like the haunt me for the next 3 weeks.

    Toxic People that are good at the game (2.5/5) - Yes i'd say they are on level of blatant cheaters, but once again aslong as im not facing them im good, and normally warping out does wonders since its easy to identify them.

    Fireball (3/5) - Insanely annoying, cant say much else. #nerffireballs

    Bows (3.5/5) - same message as above cept they're worse

    People that fluke beat you/say they're better then you (4.0/5) - You know, those people that clean you up after you face a tryhard party, and have legit 30 layers of obby prot IV diamond and punch bows then say they're better then you, then when you ask for them to face you again, they shit there pants.

    Campers (4.0/5) - simple average campers, they're trash at the game but use stuff such as bows/obby/fireballs to extend the duration of the game. Really annoying to deal with imo.

    Closet Cheaters (4.0/5) - really only difference between these and blatant cheaters is that you dont know if they're gunna get banned or not, and its rly infuriating when you report them but mods cant say if they're blatant enough and choose not to ban the.

    Punch Bow (4.5/5) - bows but worse

    Toxic Closet Cheaters (5/5) - These people tend to be huge ass hypocrites, they're so bad they use hacks to disguise the fact that they're bad and when they still lose, they say "nice hacks" when they themselves are hacking or say "noobs, have to 2v1 to kill me" when they themselves are bad enough to use hacks to win 1v1s.

    Snipers (5/5) - Simple enough, aparently they get enjoyment out of this shit but yeah ok.
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  2. No what is this tnt is best
  3. Vertix23

    Vertix23 New Member

    LoL , i hate fb and punch bow campers
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  4. First off if this is irony and you're just salty about tnt users i put this at a 7/5 for camper pov. If you're unironic it seems you barely read past the word "TNT" as right after that i rate it at a 0/5, saying that imo its amazing.
  5. But it was a joke thp
  6. I'd put this as more annoying imo
  7. i find it pretty annoying, its just pretty much a rod but and animal so you also have to kill it.
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  8. I would add to the lobby 1 liars category the people who respond when you say “3/4 defender,” but then they run off to mid leaving the bed uncovered, say “I forgot” when called on it, and then say they gtg after that game.
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  9. Pretty accurate!

    I would add team griefers. Since I party with others I never experience team griefers firsthand, but those who solo queue and deal with them are always like "We have team griefer just break bed plz."
  10. accurate I must say
  11. Ayeza

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    TheFroglets FROG
    Damn keep on grinding these posts lol
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  12. Most annoying thing is team griefers, but it is also annoying when someone gives me lag back when I jump down to them, causing me to fall into void. ESPECIALLY WHENNI HAVE NO BED
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  13. Why did you spend so much time on nothing.
    The correct answer is:
    (5/5) The game Bedwars
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  14. I agree with this entirely
  15. 598


    598 Member

    silverfish make it impossible to fight back if they spam enough of them.
  16. Fireballs exist
  17. TNT is God. outta here
  18. 2nd person that sees just the word "TNT" and immediately dislikes.
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  19. Why didn't you just do it on a scale of 10 instead of having to do .5
  20. no u

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