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    1. You should be able to buy ranked skywars reward because ranked skywars is really biased towards people with low ping and amount of hackers, it is impossible that people with 200+ ms like me can get up to high ratings.
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  2. Are you joking
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  3. Really? I usually have 250ms-300ms and can sometimes get Diamond. If you have the dedication you can do it and just practice your pvp skills.
  4. I don't usually give negative ratings, but you sir can get one for this dumb idea.
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  5. Sooo... basically make Ranked pointless and turn Skywars into Bedwars (cosmetic related) ya no.
  6. Lol you have 1.2k rating tf that’s not “low rating”
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  7. Ranked gives you rewards for being skilled. So no.
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  8. this is probably like the 59th thread that's about making ranked rewards buyable :eek:
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  9. Kuhwai

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    I have 170 - 210 ping and I got gold 4 times in a row going for diamond this time ;p
  10. n o
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  11. i don’t agree that rewards should be buyable but I would be happy if ranked was less ping biased
  12. Ping is just an excuse for being bad (not saying you're bad)
    Wolvax got masters many times with 200 ping...
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  13. are you 1 being serious thats for bedwars players
  14. I have 1.2K too, I am happy now
  15. OMG........
    so many threads like this and then they wouldnt be called ranked rewards actually.
  16. dont bother with ranked skywars its worse than mega walls
  17. FishinqRod

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    Might as well get rid of ranked then lol
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  18. They're not ranked rewards if you can buy them.

    Would take value away from the rewards.
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  19. Buy rewards? No. Just no. Maybe complete a certain goal (such as 100k kills) and obtain a reward of sorts, but not a ranked reward. If you were able to buy ranked rewards, that would remove the purpose of playing ranked and would not at all be fair to players who have gotten to high divisions such as diamond and masters.
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  20. Ever heard of iProCombo?


    Look up "iProCombo Range" and he'll show how HIS 180-200 ms lets him get hits that look like they're 5-7 blocks from the person he's hitting. If you constantly get 200 ms, and have been playing MC for at least a year, you should be quite used to it and not complain at this point.

    (And if you want an example of a high ms player who actually plays Ranked, just look at ExtraPlaysMC. His ms lets him deal insane amounts of knockback.)

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